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  1. Nononono not the mufflers with the valves, we had one of them on a Subaru, they are a bit gaudy and big and chrome - the little flap thing in the exhaust is what i'm on about, you pull the string in the cabin and hey presto, your car is quiet Apexi make them, best invention ever, you could also cut a section out the size of a muffler and keep the pipe, then weld the bugger back in once it's passed? This one is priced quite steeply, i only paid $100 for mine brand new. http://justjap.com/store/product.php?productid=17599
  2. I had a super noisy little polo that used to get pulled over a lot for being too loud. If you can get yourself an exhaust control valve that can be hidden in the exhaust itself and the control in the cabin hidden you shoyld be set. Just don't.drive around with it shut, your car will hate you.
  3. Far out that car is very hot. I'm with Mr Kid-K on the problem - unless... Are you 100% sure they were undamaged?
  4. Eeeep I guess it's not a proper Datsun unles there is primer somewhere on it! Can the toxic green be shiny at least - please....
  5. No fighting! Please... If my Dot knew she was causing controversy she'll get a complex. I might pull this EOI and readvertise later, I'm not desparate to sell her and who knows I might even be able to finish it off down the track. If you are really interested please feel free to PM me because it deserves more love than I give it at this point in time, and if it went to a good home I would be stoked... I guess even if it was OS (but you would need to post photos ) I might even get it registered for shits and giggles and see how many Spotto threads I can get into. This was an EOI thread - and my gosh did I get interest in it! If a Mod could close this thread it would be very much appreciated. Thanks Steph
  6. Maybe the seller had second thoughts?
  7. You beat me to it... I know the style of car - but not sure on price/rarity...
  8. Does she look like this? I have never seen a 260c 2dr in the flesh - but I imagine they would be pretty rare... Very nice looking car. Very retro! Not sure on how much they're worth tho sorry.
  9. When is the styling side of things happening
  10. I'm too attached to it and I think she gets sea sick...
  11. Do you know how much I have spent on this? How many hours I have put into this to get it to where it is at? It wasn't all Matt, I basically took this car resto under my wing. (ready for rego might I add, had the SI forms filled in ready to go). I'm not a keyboard warrior - and I don't sh!t talk either so if i don't like someone, they will not get it to put it bluntly. (You know the story of the last car i sold, turned two people down before I found a driver for it. "Pay $500 extra and get your Hyundai!" Poor girl didn't know how to take that comment...) It is what it is - and it will go to an enthusiast I will make sure of it. Stupid I know, but this isn't just a car to me and if the right person comes along prices are open to negotiation. Sorry - don't know how to put frilly edges on things... One of my bad points I guess.
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