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  1. maeckj

    Z shops

    I cleaned up the carbs in and out and started up fine, it sounded like it was missing and i knew i didnt touch anything so i adjusted the carbs using a website i found. it idles fine starts up fine and revs fine. my other problem is the lights in all the gauges are out followed it back and pretty sure the wire just blew up the insulator isnt close to the actual wire at all.
  2. maeckj

    new headlights

    well if anyone did do the black dragon harness and can help me that would be great, cause i got time so ill save the money no offense Dave.
  3. maeckj

    Z shops

    Thanks John, yeah I posted this one first not thinking about ZOOM. So do you think I could do a rebuild myself don't really want to start taking it apart and not be able to put it back together. thanks, Jordan
  4. maeckj

    new headlights

    where does the new harness plug in at? (guessing they both plug in around the same place)
  5. maeckj

    new headlights

    Just bought heavy duty headlight harness and euro headlights from black dragon just wondering if any one has bought the same and how they went about installing them.
  6. maeckj

    Z shops

    I live in a suburb of Minneapolis want to find a good shop to get some work done on my 73 z anyone got any?
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