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  1. Christy@phad.com

    72 240z fuse box replacement Problems

    Nigel1943, You were right. As you might have guessed, the white wire/black shroud was bent back on itself and stuck tight in the crevice between the radio bracket and the tunnel. I couldn't see it for looking. I might have pulled on it but thought it was already connected to another wire. I had found the blue/white wire connection but wasn't totally sure that I had the right one. Your response supported my thoughts. Thank you so much for the time and effort that it took to help me. Bob
  2. Christy@phad.com

    72 240z fuse box replacement Problems

    I am installing a new Motor Sports fuse box(1242-11 Short pigtail) for my 1972 240z (8/71) for the second time (after original replacement I removed Sony radio and reinstalled the original radio). The first install was easy because I had the old fuse box and just replaced one wire at a time. I am now having trouble knowing how to reinstall. The two fuse box plugs are easy. It is the two separate wires that are bundled one on each side with the two plugs. The left side wire is white and seems to be the common for the bottom two left circuits. It has a bullet male connector. The other single wire (right side bundle) is blue/white with a female bullet connector. Motorsport Techs advised that the white wire should mate with a white harness wire but I cannot find one anywhere. Please advise me with the correct electrical wiring harness hookup. I have worked over 10 hours on this problem and cannot move forward until is is solved. Thanks in advance. Bob Christy Christy@phad.com

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