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  1. Thanks all..Ill keep y'all posted on the repair.
  2. Thank you Jim, No apologies necessary ... I will put some thought into that, and will learn to weld. It may be my only option till i can have someone professionally repair it. P.S. I am still open for any other advice anyone may have, you guys are very supportive and this is an awesome site. Thanks
  3. GreenZZZ happy to hear yours is fixed, did it cost you much? Or did you do the repairs yourself? Even though my z has been wrecked and is non-symmetrical to oncoming traffic. I still love the car. It may be years before I can afford to even have a body shop look at it. Growing up poor in an unstable family sucks.....makes it really hard to be successful, especially when you cant get to school as a kid missing out on 4 years due to living too far away for a bus to pick you up and having an illegal uninsured , unregistered vehicle with old inspection and tags, . I just want my car to look straight and pretty from all angles. Again, the performance and handling is excellent, the front end does not affect it. It is a cosmetic issue, I don't want to do much to it until i fix this.........but there is much that i want to do. I feel held back by the front end.
  4. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chelsey Sure it can be fixed. Just takes time and money. This is a job for a frame shop that has to bend the body back into shape and get the correct stock dimensions. Then the bent frame rail and other bent parts have to be replaced and/or re-enforced. I'de take it in for an estimate, then you can decide if its worth it. It will not be cheap. And you will likely find other surprises in the form of rust and decay that's being hiding and getting worse since the accident, not to mention all the other usual places Z's rust that will be uncovered. Better you know the facts now than later. Safety first. Jim Hello Jim Thanks for the quick responce....First of all im not offended but you read my name wrong, everyone seems to read my name incorrectly. It is Chesley....not Chelsey .It is the name I was born with. I understand I could pay to fix it if i had money....but I am broke and in a hole in beginning my life. I am a musician singer/songwriter, and a computer dude.I love my z its the first for me to own, it was given to me by my mothers boyfreind.....he is disabled now and runs an automotive electrical service repairing starters, alternators, lights elect. windows etc. I work for him mostly cause he gave me a 240z , without pay.... just a few bucks here and there. I want to fix it on my own cheaply and temporarly till i get on my feet. I have an idea that if i drive up do a dead man (oilfield terms for a large 6 foot screw pole in the ground)and chain up to it in front of the bent tube rail, then place a very strong jack under the utmost front of the rail and try to jack up the crookedness out of it . Does this sound plain stupid or could i possibly get an even somewhat straight front end out of it this way?
  5. Hello, the "drunken" ex-wife of the previous owner of my z wrecked into a solid pole of some sort about 22 years ago. It was cheaply semi-fixed and repainted shortly there after. The Front end is leaning downward on the left hand side. The tube within the chassis is slightly bent. I need to know, Can I fix it. Doesn't have to be perfect, just straight. Car runs great, has about 100,000 original miles was sitting for 21 years in an airport hanger, hardly any rust. Car drives straight, just need to change tie rod bushings.All Ive done to it is change the wheels and carburetor configuration to a Holley 390cfm 4160. See the attached pics. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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