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  1. kenydat

    510 Su's

    I cant get enough of the sound.... I wouldn't change anything on the flat tops as long as its running smooth I would care less of other peoples' opinions. maybe polish them I cant wait to get mine to this point
  2. Thank you Zed Head for the links. I have the engine running with two normal relays with one diode on the starter side. Problem is its running rich so I want to rule out the relay before i look into other components. Will update you on the outcome.
  3. My dual relay(Fuel pump and EFI Relay) got messed up and cannot seem to find a replacement. I was looking for an alternative replacement and I came across this Problem is I need to know the rating of the two diodes and the resistor. Anyone with the ratings? Thank you
  4. I do not own a Z, but I've worked on one in preparation for the East African Safari Classic. I own a PA10 My main aim of joining this great club is to learn more about the Bosch L-jetronic EFI system that I believe is used in L24E. I have a 4cyl Bosch L-jetronic EFI system that I wish to adapt into my PA10. I have a few problems though which I'll post in the relevant section Thanx