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  1. I have a 72 Z that I bought new from PaceSetter in Rochester. It has 242,000 on it. About a year ago I overheated it and it started blowing blue smoke. I figured I had melted the valve seals so over some time I got a rebuilt head and replaced it. Got it funning and it still blew smoke so I figured it need the bottom looked after. had arranged to take it to a place for the rebuild but now I can't get it started. Everything seems to be normal up to the started motor starting. So, I have: Charged/checked the battery OK I have taken the started motor to Kragens for testing OK I have replaced the starter switch (not the key part) OK I have replaced the coil OK I have changed the ballast resistor I have checked the starter relay. So, when I try to start it, when I turn the key in the Acc. position all is ON and the radio comes one. When I turn to ON, the starter relay clicks. When I turn to start the relay clicks again but nothing happens. It is an automatic so I have also tested that switch too OK. The coil wire to the distributor is intact. I am at a loss. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  2. I bought my Z in 1972 and still have it. It has about 234K miles. But what has me here joining you is my current problem. About two years ago I overheated the engine and it started to blow blue smoke. I assumed that I had melted the vavle seals so I replaced the head with a rebuilt one. I started up the engine only to realize after about 5 minutes that I was getting water in the oil. Evidently I didn't get a good seal on the head gasket. Pulled off the head and did it again. But that isn't the issue. Since doing that I have started it up without the water leak but still smoke so I figured the bottom needs attention too, but that isn't the issue either. Now I can't get it tow start, actually to get the starter to work. I have pulled the starter and taken it to Kregan for testing and it was fine. I have replaced the starter switch (behind the key) changed the resistor, coil and fusable link to the started. Also have checked the starter relay under the dash. It clicks when the key is turned to start and clicks when key is at run. Still no action at the starter. any ideas? George
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