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    well i have a 68 dodge dart with a SL6 with a .510 cam, i have a 1965 plymouth belvedere HDT with a 505 stroker that has been converted to A/FX. and getting 72 240z to start building
  1. they at least sya they were built at this factory, this year, blah body sstyle and what not... but as far as a fishing trip i would like to do a correct resto except with upgraded suspension... just looking to make a daily out of it but hit the curves on the weekend! thanks guys
  2. is there anyway to know what the car came with from the factory other than what is on it??
  3. i was wondering if there is a plate or if the vin tag broke down as to tell you what the car came with?? options and what not? thanks
  4. well i picked up my 72 240z today!! it has some rust over the tops of the wheel well but other than that nothing!!! it has an E36 manifold?? and weber DGV carbs.
  5. well this coming from an american car guy but i know sometimes that if the dampners have a rubber isolator the outter ring can spin throwing off timing marks. for order of business would be to find TDC on #1 compression stroke. then mark the balancer to the reference mark. so now u have set 0 degrees of spark timing, so now set the dizzy on cyl 1 and re wire the plug wires. then set to right timing
  6. hello! being this is my first post on here i want to say ahead of time for the help from everyone! as my name shows i am a mopar or chrysler guy but i have a niche in my heart for datsuns! well i am getting a 72 240 stick for free! finaly! so i want to make it my daily but want to upgrade suspention and what not. so if u were looking to make a nice streetable, fun, fast, on rails handling car what would u do? im looking for brands of parts to go with and stuff that isnt any good! it does need a clutch so i was going to get the centerforce I kit. so for all the help i thank u ahead of time! Thx Ed
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