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  1. Thank man! BTW.. I checked out the wheels that came off the car, stamped on the inside is "ENKEI MAG"... dunno if those are stock or not. Also, finally got the car on a lift today. The car definitely has a full header/aftermarket exhaust the muffler was ran on the wrong side of the car actually .. When it was up on the lift I was just standing back looking and was like wtf... I saw where back under the rear bumper it was notched for the exhaust on the right side of the car but it exited on the left haha.. We ended up taking the muffler off since it wasn't functioning at all anyway , it was rusted and cracked all around the inlets (which are dual in and out btw). The exhaust came off the header and went from 1 into 2 all the way back, I'll get pics later. Now I have to figure out what to do with the rest of the exhaust, I think I want to run it back to the right side where it was originally.
  2. Thanks guys. Its still a little rough around the edges, there are numerous little door ding type dents all over the car, but it is what it is.. I can't complain. I still need to begin on the engine bay and figure out something with the exhaust. I want it to look nicer but not be louder .. See you in Nashville for sure, I'm already registered.
  3. A little paint detail with the new wheels.. time to drop it like its hot!!! BTW, my VIN # GS130003462 ... pretty damn close!
  4. Thanks man.. I'll give him a shout! I'll definitely be in Nashville, its already on the schedule! Edit: That email address didnt work?
  5. Got these waiting to go on as soon as the tires get here.. I gave the outside a good cleaning with some air tools involving rubbing compound, swirl remover, then a little Meguiars hand wax.... came out looking great! It's not perfect by any means but it looks a lot better for sure. I'll get pics as soon as the wheels go on. Now I need to figure out this idle problem. I think I read something about an adjustment screw on the TB, mine is completely screwed up so I am thinking it definitely needs replaced, just not sure what all I actually need to replace ..
  6. I guess I'll have to dig around and actually look for it... if it doesnt have power steering though I certainly can't tell. Good news and bad news yesterday... Good news: I took the car to a buddies shop yesterday to compound buff/wax a small spot to see how well the paint looks after being thoroughly cleaned and it looks awesome! Bad new: It was definitely been painted before and had some small body work done. We found some pretty crappy tape lines along the silver/black pinstriping. I guess now it wouldnt matter whehter or not I had it all smoothed out and repainted.
  7. Pretty sure I'd be able to tell if it didnt have power steering.. I have no problem turning the wheel with one hand while parked..
  8. Definitely something I will try to make!
  9. Here are a couple shots of the motor from when we received the car.. Let me give you a little more background... My step-dad was self employed, primarily for one individual (a very good friend of his) who owns lots of rental properties. He sort of managed all the properties for him... collected rent, did all work that needed done, etc. A couple years ago, he (step dads friend) moved about an hour away and sold a few of his properties. This car was actually his brother in laws who moved to California in the late 90s and left the car behind. It was stored in one of the garages at a rental home that he sold.. said his bro-in-law didnt want the car, so if we wanted to get it out and fix it up, we could have it... no charge - so thats what we did. Back to the car - I'll try to get a good pic of the wheels/centercaps, though the centercaps are pretty well shot so I'm not sure if I'll be able to read any of them or not. The guy who originally owned the car wasn't much of a car guy, so I honestly doubt he purchased different wheels for the car. They are 14's I know that much, and probably only 6" wide since the tires are 195s.. It does have power steering and an EGR system, though it was blocked off for what appears to be an aftermarket header. We removed the rest last weekend to help with my idle problem I was having. I'll try to get some undercarriage pics in the near future, a friend of mine owns an exhaust shop so I can throw it on the lift. Thanks for all the comments and questions guys... pretty excited to learn as much as I can. EDIT: Here are a couple pics of the car in storage before we brought it home And a plate I removed to scan..
  10. Hello guys... good to be here. I'm Brian from Indiana. Hopefully I can learn a little more about Z cars in general and even more about my car specifically. Long story short, my step dad passed away and handed the car down to me. I believe its a 79 Fairlady Z, imported in 84 then parked in 86.. for 22 years. We got the car in late '08 with 63k kilometers on the odometer. All the fluids were changed, gaskets, etc.. The car fired right up! We put a few miles.. kilometers.. on the car and it was obvious the clutch was shot, so me and my buddy Mark replaced it last winter with an OEM 79 280ZX clutch. I guess it has a motor that was only available in Japan, a 2.0L (1998cc) inline 6... L20E is the engine code I believe. The exterior is decent for what it is.. there are a few small door ding type spots on both sides of the car, nothing major. There are 2 VERY small spots of rust on the car, not bad for sitting for so long. The interior is near mint. No rips, stains, cracks in the dash, nothing... other than a musty arse smell . It needs a little TLC but it'll be a fun little thing to work on and slowly restore. The only thing it really needs right now is some sort of idle control valve or something... Although we worked on it last weekend and it seems to be better, so we'll see. Here are some crappy pictures, I'll get some more next weekend or so after we give the car a good buff and wax. Hopefully you all can shed some light on what I really have, and maybe an idea of whats its worth? I have no clue!!
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