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  1. They are for a 240z the 260/280z rear panels are different, they have the very rear panel but not the sides I need. Thanks for the help. I actually know Les, and had been meaning to give him a call.
  2. Does anyone know where I can get some interior rear plastic panels for my 1975 2 seater 260z from I need the two rear quater panels and the very back panel. Do they remake them anywhere in the world,
  3. Being an Aussi I am pretty lucky because, 49 0f them were sold in Australia with a couple comming from japan and and other parts of asia, they are a cute little car, I have been lucky enough to one one for a couple of years before I sold it to my friend to add to his fairlady collection. They basically have a 1500 fairlady chassis with 1600 sports running gear and a hand built body so that means panels from other cars wont fit. And that sucks! They feel very much like a 1600 sports to drive but you do notice the higher center of gravity, one of the unique features of the car is that some of the cars had tinted blue glass. They are a beautifull little car that never realy received their full recognition, but that could have more to do with their initial high price target that never realy took off in Australia. Although it is still a credit to nissan at all that they sold any at all here.
  4. If the truth be known he has probably paid what the car is actually worth, if you consider the car with respect to other more exotic names and maybe of european or english decent, then maybe the price is not to crazy especially if you consider its performance. The only way that nissan will define any respect within the european market is to make there cars appear more prestigious and the only way to do that is to produce cars that cost more. I know it is a strange thing to say but it is true, Just look at Jaguar or Mercedes, if they bring out a sports car its price is expected to be high and they will get a back log of pre orders even if the car is crap. So consider this, some smart guy out there has decided to spend some real money on a real sports car for once. So instead of saying that he is a fool with his money maybe you should congratulate him for believing in a japanese make of car, like the rest of us do.:beard:
  5. By the way that hatch is for the battery
  6. Hmm What to Say, after living in Japan for a year and driving every possible classic Japanese car I desired, I can feel for the owner of this car, yes it is awsome and feels like most other exotic mid sixties sports cars, it is smooth (not to fast with only 150hp) and clean to drive but also a little tight if you are much taller than 6 foot. There were only 334 of them made and they are predominantly a hand built car with a yamaha 2 litre six cylinder engine. There design was quite revolutionary for the time in that they consist of a chassis that is very similar to a lotus with a centre I beam running through the middle of the car (at one stage it held the production car 24hr speed record). So what is it worth well in Japan you can pick one up for around $100,000 - $150,000 AUD depending on the exchange rate, So I guess let the public be the judge. Nissan around the same time produced a totally hand built car in the SILVIA, 49 came to Australia, and 554 were produced in total. Yet they are only worth $12000 at most. The problem is that no matter how we look at it if either of these cars were Ferrari's or BMW's they would be worth a hell of a lot more. Even though "twice as much thinking went into both cars"
  7. Help, I need to get hold of some plastic rear panels in good condition for my 1975 260z 2 seater I live in Adelaide Australia, also I am looking for an original 260z steering wheel in good condition also 260z am/fm radio in original condition. wanted 260z steering wheel am/fm 260/280z sterio rear plastic panels
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