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  1. Longtime lurker and been doing a lot of reading. Own a 1984 300ZX purchased in Japan, delivered to Anderson Air Force Base in Guam. Great car, very pampered and very spoiled, but now it's time to do a little work. Main thing I need to do is replace the two front struts and rear shocks. I'm handy with a wrench, have a decent tool setup, but what I don't have is an abundance of time. I have the Factory Service Manual (that is a requirement for any and all vehicles we own), and while the diagrams are excellent, the instructions often leave a lot to be desired. Not worried about the rear shocks, but the front struts have me a bit concerned. Better to take them to my front-end shop? I don't have a spring compression tool, and have no interest in buying one, to be honest. Could probably rent one, but when dealing with springs. . . Anyhow, continue to learn a lot about the technical side of the Z-car here. I'm middle-aged and not a computer whiz, so my "search" abilities aren't always too good, so there may be some questions asked that have been asked before.
  2. Welcome! Let's see the car!