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  1. Thanks for the replies, I'll go ahead with the original plan for sure (at a certain point it's all about peace of mind, right?). I totally dig the way it looks on suspension (nice job!). I'll have to think about doing that too. I finally got down to the bare metal last night using a wire wheel drill attachment. To celebrate I ordered my 1st batch of POR 15.
  2. So... I need to rough up the surface?
  3. I'm in the process of stripping the interior from my 1971 240Z and was planning on coating it with POR 15 to stop the small amount of rust I've discovered and prevent future decay. I was also going to paint the engine bay, wheel wells, and most of the surfaces facing the road with POR 15. Do you all think this is a good idea? Is it overkill? I'm planning on making this 240Z an all-purpose racecar (autocross, track, possibly rallycross) with car club meetups and mountain cruises the only other times I take it on the road besides race events.
  4. We're in the middle of stripping all of the interior out and I've already removed the rear windshield. The front windshield will be removed when I have a place to set it or we find a buyer. All of the gaskets and most of the rubber has already been taken off. We're thinking of selling both windshields as well as the seats (not in that great of shape). The original color was 905 red.
  5. , here you go. It was delivered around 3:00 on Saturday. I have the parts missing from the picture in my garage. It really is in fantastic shape. Susan and I are trying to decide what original color we should paint it (we're currently torn between orange and blue). The VIN is HLS3022352.
  6. Well, I put some money down on this 240Z tonight. I'll go by tomorrow night to finish the deal. The car is partially disassembled and the current owner is going to trailer it to my house on Saturday. I'm pretty excited! It's in great shape and comes with several new performance modifications for me to install. I'll get some pictures up this weekend.
  7. I'd like to get a 240 if possible, but will expand my search more if I can't find anything that fits me. With that said, if you can PM me the info for the 280Z 2+2 I'll definitely reach out and see if it's still available to check out.
  8. Ha, I was just reminded by my better half that I have other plans on Friday night. :stupid: I'll see if I can reschedule but the current owner works evenings while I'm an 8-to-5 guy myself so it may not happen for awhile. In the meantime I'm contacting the guy on craigslist with the 1973 240Z Turbo Project for $1,000.
  9. I'm not in disagreement with you guys. I'm not planning on buying it but I'd like to take a look. You guys are definitely the experts here and I would love to spent less.
  10. Well, I talked to David with #1032 and he sent me several pictures of rust on his Z. Some of the spots look like a pain to deal with but I'm still in for a look at the least. I'll probably drop by on Friday to check it out.
  11. Hiya all, I'm looking for a 240Z to make into a general race car (autocross, rallycross, and track). I've poked around the site many times in the past and coincidentally looked here after I saw the aformentioned craigslist ad. I was just about to call the current owner and ask him some questions and found most of them answered here in this thread (talk about stars aligning!). What do you think? From what's been said here the rust would be expensive and/or time-consuming to resolve. Is this a project car that a newb with serious determination can tackle? I'd do most of any work on the car myself and with the aid of some mechanic friends. I'm a relatively new but very enthusiastic member of the Nissan community. I bought a 350Z two years ago and helped start and run the COlorado Nissan Owners Club last January (CONOC.net screen name "Max"). I know at least one of you (hi Darrel!) and may have met others at the HPR race day part of the mid-west Z fest last summer.