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  1. I bought the electric and mechanical fuel pumps and will install in the next few days. Will let you guys know what happen. How do I include a picture of my ZmikeR in this post?
  2. Hey everyone, I drained the differential fluid and refilled. That was the problem, very little drained out and now the noise is gone. All I can say is thanks to everyone, I feel good to be a member of the Classic Zcar club.
  3. Thanks Frank, I am going with a new electric fuel pump, Stewart Warner if I can get one. Thanks for the input everyone, I will let you know the results.
  4. The choke cabling looks to be fine, but I did find a electric fuel pump. I noticed on the fuel filter air bubbles when the engine is running. I am going to buy a new electric fuel pump since this one is making noise. Question, should I go back to the mech. pump? This electric pump is set up from the gas tank thru the filter and thru the mech. pump. What do you guys think, should I by-pass the mech pump with the electric fuel pump or should I replace with mech. pump? Also, should there be air bubbles in the fuel filter?
  5. Thanks Manny, but when I turn the key just before start, I hear a sound like something is working by the gas tank, I thought it might be the fuel pump. Could the previous owner have changed to an electric fuel pump. I will know more tomorrow. Also, I didn't want to add any additives to the fuel tank, afraid that it would break alot of crud loose and really cause problems with the carburators. The car runs and I was hoping that after a 100 miles it would run better, well it does run better but not by much.
  6. Thanks, tomorrow I will look at choke cabling. Do you recommend spraying carb cleaner into the carburator somehow to possibly clear out some crud.
  7. Having trouble starting my 1972 240z, just got it about 6 months ago and it had set for 8 years. Everything is original motor, transmission, differential, etc. Engine runs a little rough once it is warmed up. Drained the gas and refilled tank and included new fuel filter. New plugs, plug wires and air filter. The SU carburators round top could use some cleaning I guess, but not too experienced to do this myself. I have to turn the key to get the fuel pump working before I try to start it. Then I have to pump the gas until it finally turns over. Seems like the carburators are starving for fuel.
  8. Transmission or differential problem on a 1972 240z with 160000 miles on it, car has sat for 8 years, bought it 4 months ago, got it running, doing about 40 miles per hour and grinding noise starting coming from the rear passenger side differential area. Noise only when I try to excellerate but all the gears seem to work and shift ok. Before I start to get into it, just wanted to get an idea what to look for or what the problem could be. Have not added or changed any fluids in trans or differential. I am wanting to fix as much as I can myself and keep original.
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