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  1. I made my own sectional carpet out of a 6x12' piece of indoor/outdoor black open pile. I used the old nasty carpet inside as a rough stencil, and trimmed to shape. Cost me $90, no shipping since I bought local.
  2. I had a really stubborn tie rod when I disassembled my suspension. I unscrewed the rod from the rack, dropped out the strut, and took the whole assembly outside. Then I hit it with a torch, a pickle fork, and a big hammer. Felt satisfying when it finally came loose.
  3. I'm in the process of attempting this procedure myself. However, now that I have my dash out, I've noticed a particularly weak spot above the center of the three small gauge slots. If I were to use flexible bumper repair below the dash foam and reinforce with a fiberglass square or two, taking up about a 3" by 3" area, would that be an effective means of protection?
  4. 28 this past November. My first car was a '92 Saturn Mistake which I bought at 16. After blowing two engines out of it, I didn't own a vehicle until my junior year of college, a Volvo 850 turbo. Around this time, I moved to Indianapolis, and got to meet my neighbors who were both working on SR-20 swapped 240sx cars. Went to a couple of events with them, then started to get the bug. Wound up getting a 2005 Sentra S when the Volvo needed some hefty repairs. The bug took a couple of years to develop. Really liked my Sentra for what it is, and developed a taste for Nissans. But, I have a appreciation for the 60s-70s cars, too. After researching cars for a while, I basically narrowed my choice in cars to pursue to 67-73 Mustangs, or a S30 2+2. After going on a car cruise through the hills in southern central Indiana, I decided to go for the better handling of the two. After watching the online sites for months, I discovered a 280z in Oklahoma (over 600 miles from home) that fit my budget, and looked like a really good deal for the price. Convinced one of my friends to bring his truck, borrowed a trailer from another friend, and made the trip.
  5. When doing my initial cleaning of my Z, I found a CB radio under the driver's seat, some loose change, a hand-carved wooden bear, some take-out receipts, some black n' mild wrappers, and a huge BIC lighter. However, under the cowl panel I found a Philips head screwdriver, and no rust!
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