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  1. anyone need some web page design done? my gf is starting an in home job and needs some work, also if u dont mind it would be great if u could help spread the word or atleast like her fan page on facebook? plz and thank u http://www.facebook.com/pages/Design-By-Shal/193417087363112
  2. NZX

    fs 300zx AE

  3. thanks and thanks to all that helped out =) ok thanks
  4. hey im trying to get the word out for the mercedes benz club of america-alabama section so i created a fan page on facebook. do yall think yall could like it? it would help out a lot http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mercedes-Benz-Club-of-America-Alabama/189481544417744#!/pages/Mercedes-Benz-Club-of-America-Alabama/189481544417744 thanks yall!!!! ps i got a merc slk55amg =D i forgot to tell yall im sorry
  5. hey this sunday is halloween, so would yall still wanna have the meet?
  6. at sonic's time would be 12 noon till the last person goes i wanna try and do this every week. so come out if ya can and join some gear heads
  7. thats amazing, let us know if you here of another one. id love to add another jdm z to the collection
  8. its a classic car place in Ga it was amazing =) and thank you oh and i thank this is right nissan made datsun, so if datsun failed it wouldnt be on nissan's name and this is why the car is badged nissan and not datsun and the x in zx was put on by americans to mean luxruy sport. so thats why its badged z and not zx altho i could be wrong
  9. here are some pics i got with my phone
  10. =D ive need to change that for a couple of months
  11. o yea, but i have sucessfully owned every body code for the z cars in my life time =D that was fast now im goin to get as many rare, jdm, and every model z car made =)
  12. I wish I had that much money to do that
  13. dont got any pics yet but i will soon i ended up selling my 96tt and now im gettin a 79 280z jdm that was signed by Mr. K =) im so freakin happy. im gonna bring the car home this sat
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