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  1. I have triple DCOE-40's and electronic distributor from an 80 ZX. Should the vacuum advance be hooked up? I recently installed larger idle jets to get rid of a severe stall accelerating from a stop. The fix worked really well, but now the engine seems to be running a bit rich, with the plugs becoming somewhat sooty and exhaust more sooty. The mechanic who recommended the jet switch did warn me that it would run richer even at speed. Any fix you know of, or just be satisfied that the stall is gone? I do worry more about carbon build up on the piston and head than the decreased gas mileage.

  2. Beautifully clean setup. My triple setup is much more primitive. Your linkage looks infinitely more substantial than mine. If you have not seen my post in Carburetors dated 2/11/03, would you please comment? From previous replies you have given me, you seem to have really good practical knowledge of these webers. Thanks, Victor.

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