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  1. They are 45mm Weber DCOE complete with inkage and intake. 34 mm chokes, F16 emulsion tubes, 140 main jets, 170 air jets and the idle ets are 45F9. They haven't been used in a couple of years so it wouldn't be a bad idea to go through them.
  2. UPS Ground would be approximately $12.00-$15.00 I'd have to weight the package. I'm just estimating the weight.
  3. I bought them to convert my fuel injected 280 Z to carbs for GT racing. But have decided not to build the car now. I need to find something built already because I have no time. I do not have a picture, but I assure you they are very clean! I can check on shipping if you would like. Should fit all Z's
  4. It is a triple setup. I am located just east of Cleveland, Ohio Motorsport auto has a 40 dcoe setup very similar for $1300
  5. Complete setup with intake and linkage $500 ready to install.
  6. jcmgt2

    76 280z

    That would be a long commute to from Cleveland!
  7. I have a 76 280 z that I intended to Scca race. I've stripped the interior but everything is still intact. I have all the interior pieces in boxes except the carpet and headliner which is now lining the landfill. It comes with a complete extra F.I. longblock and 4-speed tranny $600.00 I aslo have a set of 45 dcoe sidedrafts with intake manifold for a Z $500 firm. I just don't have time to build a car with the kids and all. Can you guys help me out?
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