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  1. Dan, they are reproductions that I made. I sent you a PM about this.
  2. I thought about that, but the gold is pretty uniform -- much more uniform than I would expect from fading/color change. Also, it doesn't explain why the text of the decal is different from the reproductions. Here are pics of the Motorsport repros for a 1971 and a 1972. The text of my decal is not identical to either of these. It's actually kind of a cross between the 71 and the 72. The part number at the bottom of the 72 is close to mine, but not exact. The color definitely matches the 72 better though.
  3. I have a late 1971 (series II) with a build date of 8/71. My original Emissions Decal on the underside of the hood is different than the reproduction 1971 Emissions Decals available from Motorsport and and other sources. First, it is definitely gold in color, while all of the reproduction 1971 decals I've seen are silver. Also, the writing on it seems to be a mix between the writing on the reproduction 1971s and the reproduction 1972s available from Motorsport. I know the car was delivered to and purchased at a California dealership -- this could definitely explain the existence of the Cal
  4. Some parts that could be manufactured relatively cheaply I think are reproductions of the various OEM exhaust parts for the 240z. When I finished my car last year after 5 years of restoration, the very last part that I needed was a stock downpipe. After searching and searching, I finally found a NOS example and paid dearly for it. With the dwindling (there may be none) choices for exhaust systems for the 240, I think that there is a market for these parts. Up until a just a year or two ago, you could buy a complete exhaust from a Nissan dealer. Now they're all gone.
  5. Awesome. Thanks everyone for helping to solve this mystery.
  6. I'm convinced now that it is Manteca Datsun. Does anyone have any old paperwork that might provide the address for Manteca Datsun?
  7. I really think it's Manteca Datsun now that you point that out.
  8. Thanks, Dean. That handwriting does kind of look like Monterey Datsun. I found that scan of the brochure from the prior thread (link below), but I didn't see a Monterey Datsun on there. Was that definitely the name? Is that different from Kendall Motor Co. Inc. of Seaside, 1340 Fremont Blvd., Seaside, Calif.? That was the only Monterey area Datsun dealer I could find on the brochure. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=28252&d=1234761009
  9. I have been trying to figure out the name of the Datsun dealer where my car was originally purchased. I know it was in California, and I have the attached warranty card that was filled out by the original owner, but the handwriting is not great, and I don't have enough familiarity with the names of the dealers around this time to trigger any thoughts. Does anyone have a list of the Datsun dealers that were operating in California in the early 1970s? I believe that this car was purchased in either the Bay Area or somewhere in Northern California. It is a late 1971 240z. If you could also h
  10. I have been restoring my 1971 240z for the past 5 years, trying to get it as close to stock as possible. The very last piece that I need is a downpipe from the stock manifold. I have looked everywhere for one, and cannot find anything - new, used, aftermarket, fabricated like the original - nothing. Does anyone have any leads on this part. I have pretty much expected that a new oem or aftermarket does not exist in the world, but does anyone have a used one from a car that they installed headers on? Or, does anyone know of a shop that can fabricate one without having to have the car presen
  11. William Mitchell Massachusetts Late 1971 240z 907 Green, butterscotch interior 78,000 original miles Full restoration to OEM condition
  12. wmitch5219

    1971 240z

    wmitch5219's 1971 240z Green
  13. It's been a while since I tried it, but from what I remember the pipe hit the body of the transmission (not the bell housing) just after the Y. The downpipe does not appear to have any damage to it.
  14. When I bought my car (late 71 240z), it had some Mickey Mouse custom exhaust in it. I really wanted to have as close to stock as possible, but we all know how hard those are to come by. I found a Walker downpipe that was supposed to be a direct OEM replacement, and bought it. It sat in the garage until I was ready to put it in the car, and now it doesn't seem to fit - it won't clear the tranny. The attached picture shows the Mickey Mouse unit, and below it the Walker downpipe that was supposed to fit but doesn't. When I bought the downpipe, it was confirmed by Walker that the part number
  15. Does anyone have any pictures of how the rear tie downs attach to the car? Do they attach to the bolts that attach the bumper to the car or to the studs of the bumper itself? I can't seem to find the right combination to make them fit. If I try to attach it to the bracket then the hook seems to get in the way of the bumper guard. If I try to attach it to the stud they don't seem long enough to accept the thickness of the hook without trying to bend the bumper.
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