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  1. Before the flaming ensues I have searched on this topic and come up with very little info. If you are privy to this info being somewhere on the forums, etc please be helpful and point me in the right direction instead of telling me to use the search function.... I have recently purchased 1972 240Z that has been restored from the ground up. It is, however, somewhat unique. Regardless of it being unique I'm having a hard time tracking down numbers for a declaired value for insurance purposes. I have had the car into an Appraiser but I know the majority of his research will be on E-Bay and I suspect it won't be an accurate estimate to the value of the vehicle. Has anyone had a ground up restored 240Z appraised and if so did you do any of the homework yourself? What values did you come up with? Did anyone use the cost of a restored 240Z when Nissan was doing the Vintage Z restoration project in 1996ish? There are a few unique items on the car as well which I'm unsure if they increase or decrease the value of the car. The car was one of six bought to be built to race - two were completed before an unfortunate accident occured and two of the drivers died in a plane crash. From what I can tell the car was only raced as pace cars in a Memorial race for the two fallen racers (the restored car still has a plaque commemerating the race). The car was modified in 1972 with triple Mikuni carbs, ported and polished, cam, header/exhaust, 5 speed and LSD. From what I've been told by others is the tranny and LSD are made from Unobtainium. I'll have our Z car expert take a look at the tranny to see if its a comp tranny or one from a Fairlady. I suspect since the LSD is a comp part the tranny likely is as well but I'm just guessing until we get the expert to take a look. The car has been restored from the bare sheet metal (which was in amazing shape when stripped down) with great attention to detail. All the engine parts were measured when the engine was machined and rebuilt (new valves, etc). All of the braking system is new as well as many other parts such as the rubbers, etc. The car was restored to its original racing build. I know there was a local car with a partial restoration done that sold for $18.5K and a ground up resto that was $23K. Are these numbers in the ball park? Would the different parts make the car more/less valuable? I realize that there is a ton of variables to value the vehicle but are there any real life examples of what a car like this would be worth? I've been hunting for numbers for 240Zs that have had ground up restorations that have sold but I haven't found anything yet. Anyhow, thanks for your time. I do appreciate any help on this one as I would like to make sure this car is covered properly. The only info I really found on the site was the nightmares people have had getting insurance to cover the cost of some of these cars. I hope I never have to worry about insurance and I will be taking the best possible care of this car that I can. I've been a Z car enthusiest since I was a little kid and I realize how lucky I am to have such a beast. Thanks again.
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