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  1. thanks guys for your thoughts - I will post some pics for Travel'n Man to have a look at soon (I think old pic have were posted some time ago) Unkle.........you may have some wise advise and I will take the Christmas down time to decide what to do. regards to all and enjoy the holiday - Davis when it come to cars - there's not much better to look at than a Z
  2. this may be the thing to spark my interest in my 72 again - sorry I didnt read all the posts so I just read the first few and skipped to the last page Do I understand you will plan again event or fo next year? - I worked in Houston and Dallas for 2 years and loved that time - both my wife and I would love to get back for an extended road trip there regards Davis - Ontario Canada
  3. so now after 3 years of time, effort and money restoring my 72 Zrestored I'm losing enthusiasm - sort of like I did what I wanted to do and theres nothing left to light a spark. - anyway she looks great, runs like a gem and gets tons looks etc - all thats good but not sure I want to start all over again. SO now what?
  4. Davis

    Goodbye sunroof!

    wow - I have same sunroof as you did - I must have only one that doesnt leak! (yet?) Davis
  5. Escanlon pretty much tells it all - I had pretty much the same case here is what I did - remove seats and console0 - remove all the tarmat - remove all the rust and patched some bad areas with metal - paint entire floor seat rails etc with POR 15 - cover entire floor (glued) 1/8" vinyl floor deadener material (or use fatmat) - installed new GM sound insulation (came from cube van) - installed new carpeting I also painted the interior plastic diamond vinyl with SEMS colorcoat satin black before putting everything back together much quieter now and looks like NEW!!
  6. I read some other posts and did a search on Corsa electric power steering and found this unit at www.bba-reman.com - maybe it could be adapted reading futher on Corsa electric steering sites, it sound like there are lots of problems with these units. I have seen the EPS unit on the JDM site (jdm-car-parts.com) looks like they want about $700 plus shipping etc. kind of an expensive propositon considering nobody seems to have tried one, at least I cant find anyone who has. thinking about going back to 14" wheels to lighten my steering up regards
  7. E - do you still want me to send that antenna switch? - if so pm me your zip code then - not sure about duty on used car parts but I at least get a cost on shipping UPS Dave
  8. It would be metric - I will see what I can do tonite - am I correct thinking that it would be the size of a metric socket head that it would fit into? my GUESS is its a 10mm Dave
  9. I have one from a 72 that I could send you if you cant find one Davis
  10. I thought I would post what I went through to replace the heater control panel on my 72 with a new 73 panel. I am sure others have done. - the 73 panel will fit into the dash opening of the 72 but the 72 parts will not fit onto it - you will need a 73 lever slide bracket - it was too wide to fit into the dash and had to be cut back at one side by my local machinist. - you will need a 73 cowl that goes behind the rotary vent - its slightly different than the 72 - I removed the cables from the 72 bracket and installed them on the the 73 slide bracket. - you will need a 73 fan switch since the 72 is too short to fit through the slide bracket and reach the front of the panel. I reused the 72 knob since the 73 was a little different. - the 73 has backlights behind the panel that i didnt install since the 72 had none. - I havent hooked the cables up yet at other end but it looks like they will fit be careful and the new panel will scratch easily - do all work on top of a soft towel
  11. Hi Dan you are correct - its the one one left (the right being the 72 switch) how much do want for it - I live in Waterloo ON regards Dave
  12. I thought I had everything I need to convert my 72 heater panel to a new 73 but apparently not. Since the cable bracket is different the 72 fan switch wont fit - i.e the stem on the switch is TOO SHORT to reach to the front of the panel and attach the knob. Anyone have a 73 fan switch hey can sell me? - if possible I would like the knob too. Hoping that the electrical connector is the same on the 73 as the 72. TOTALLY FRUSTRATED!! Dave
  13. Davis

    unknown switch

    thanks for your help guys!! - I will use that area for a fog light switch since I have a manual antenna now. regards Dave
  14. Davis

    unknown switch

    the wire colors are BLUE (L), BLUE/WHITE (LW) AND BLUE /RED (LR) and the only item I could find on the line diagram with those colors is ANTENNA SW. Dave
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