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    1970 Nissan Fairlady HS3003685 (current project)
    1972 Datsun Z (current stroker project)
    1970 Datsun 240z (sold and regret ever since)
    1972 Datsun 240z (RIP)
    1973 Datsun 240z (dad's car now)
    1977 Datsun 280z (highschool ride...what started it all)
    2003 350z (traded for Evo - regret this too)
    2006 350z (current work ride)
  1. View Advert Looking for HKS Surge Tank for L28 Looking for a vintage HKS Surge Tank for L28 blow through set ups. PM me please if you have one for sale - Thanks in advance! Advertiser My Fairlady Z Date 12/02/2020 Price $1.00 Category Parts Wanted Year 1972 Model S30, HLS30  

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    Looking for a vintage HKS Surge Tank for L28 blow through set ups. PM me please if you have one for sale - Thanks in advance!


    - US

  3. Esprist, Thanks for the link...Cool pics. Also, didn't realize there was a steering wheel length difference between the US and JDM models...good to know. Please PM price for the grill if you are willing to sell. Thanks! Mike
  4. Hi ax0car, Thanks for the Watanabe link. I'm not sure if I'm going zg flare yet, Ive seen several Fairlady's on the web that look simply and really nice lowered (and flare-less) with 16x7/8 wheels (Konig rewinds, Panasports). But I think the Watanabe's, at least for my taste, are the most desired for this car...Then again, just depends on personal preference.
  5. zHead240, Yep, I'm planning to bid on this, assuming the price doesn't get too out of hand. Thanks for the heads up! Mike V
  6. Alan - PM sent. Also, I will start a new thread (for general viewing) within the coming weeks as I start to strip down the car. Thanks for that heads up. Mike
  7. I took the engine out of its crate and mounted on stand. It's a little dirty since it' been in the crate for many years - unknown to the previous owner, who picked it up originally from an Oregon auction back in the 90's and kept it stored. The dipstick is located in front of the oil filter and the oil pan sump is also in the front, unlike standard L24s. The head is E30. I'll post pictures of the Z shell and chassis tomorrow so you see the rust I have to deal with...mainly floor pans and outer rear fenders - looks to be quite a transplant, but all worth it in the end. Also found my triple mikunis today from a zed owner down in So. California...looking forward to picking those up. Now just need the grill and some nice wheels. Mike V
  8. Chris - Thanks, and do let me know if you eventually decide to sell the grill. Alan - Much thanks for the info. Where is the oil dipstick supposed to be located on the L20a Z? Also, I've read some of your past threads and they're hugely helpful (i.e alignment measure of the fairlady mirrors, etc.) I look forward to sending you my inquiries as they come up. Thanks again! Mike V
  9. Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, and the information I've read through so far has been very insightful. I'm currently working on two cars - 72 240z 2.8l Stroker, and RHD 70 Nissan Fairlady Z - just picked up from Roger Allen in TX. I'm diverting most of my time and efforts now to the Fairlady Z, since I'm planning to give my father the 72 stroker project. I'm now looking for Fairlady parts to help complete my project. That said, have any of you seen these parts floating around recently for sale/trade: - Fairlady mesh front grill - Triple Mikuni's with intake - Watanabe Wheels 15's-16's preferably The Z didn't come with a motor unfortunately, but I lucked out and found someone in Santa Clara who was selling a crate motor L20a - the original motor, as you may know, that came in the JDM 70' fairlady. It's never been installed, and appears to be brand-spanking new - well, minus the dust. It has sat around for 15+ years, according to the seller. It'll need to be taken apart for inspection and gasket replacement, but just thrilled to start with a zero-miles original motor. I'm taking photos this weekend to add to this thread later and plan to post YouTube clips through the stages of my restoration attempt. Anyhow, glad to be part of this forum now, and look forward to providing updates as I continue with this project. Cheers! Mike V
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