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  1. Interested in the carbs. zip 01886. Can you please message me with a price.
  2. cdarch

    No Spark

    4u2nv, that white box is the ballast resistor. It came from Black Dragon.
  3. cdarch

    No Spark

    Thanks d240zx2. I will as soon as I change all the fluids, stop the coolant leak and replace the rotted floor pans. Don't want to end up sitting in the road .
  4. cdarch

    No Spark

    I finally got back to working on my '73 240Z. Put a Pertronix ingnition with 3.0 ohm coil in and she started right up. Adjusted the timing and she's running great. First time the engine has run in six years. Thanks to everyone for your posts and to everyone on this forum.
  5. cdarch

    No Spark

    Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately, I only have access to the car every few weeks. It's now stored in a garage about 100 miles from me. The car has clean gas in it and does turn over. I've been using an in-line spark tester. I'll check the points to make sure they're opening and closing and set at the right gap.
  6. cdarch

    No Spark

    The coil is getting hot with the ignition on (now that I've finally switched the wires to the right terminals on the coil). I'm guessing the problem is somewhere in the distributor setup. Is it possible the new condenser is bad? I put the old one back on to double check and still nothing. Double checked the plug wires...1,5,3,6,2,4. Pulled the new plugs and they're still clean and with right gap. I'm stumped.
  7. cdarch

    No Spark

    Plugs are brand new and gaped properly. I've checked connections all around. Cleaned a few that had corrosion. The rest looked tight and clean. I should mention the car was sitting for six years. One owner previously and he didn't mess around with the wiring at all.
  8. cdarch

    No Spark

    I'm a new member and new to Z cars. I've recently come into a '73 240z and I'm getting no spark. I've replaced the battery, battery cables, coil, resistor, condenser, plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, rotor, and points. Still nothing. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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