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  1. Toein1949

    Door Seal

    Hi All, Anyone throw some light on this problem? I recently refitted the doors and seals to my 1970 240Z after a respray and thought that was that, after driving a few miles I noticed that there is a gap between the window frame and the door seal at the front of the door? the door fit is correct on the outside and I removed the door hinge from the door not the post. Can anyone tell me what the width of the seal should be, maybe the gap was alwas there and I never noticed as the car was stripped shortly after purchase for the respray, maybe the wrong seals have been fitted? Regards Ian Portlaoise Ireland:
  2. Hi Geezer/Ron?

    I have been looking at the image you posted of the underside of your Z, I am about to embark on a similar reconstruction and wondered if you had any other images of the work?



    Southern Ireland

  3. Hi Again, I just looked at another thread and it suggests shortening the strut tube by 1.5" and using a MR2 insert? Is that correct? Thanks Ian
  4. Hi, I am rebuilding a 240z and would like to replace the front strut inserts, the originals rusted away!! buying original inserts over here is (Southern Ireland) expensive, will MR2 inserts or another type fit? Thanks Ian
  5. Thanks BlueZee, spoke to Mike and he is hopeful that he can help, disc only availible from the States. Regards Toein
  6. Hi to you all, I have a question for our European members. I am in the middle of upgrading the front brakes on a 71 240z, I have the calipers but cannot find a dealer who has 300zx 4 bolt discs 280 x 22. Any suggestions please I am in Southern Ireland Toein
  7. Hi All, Has anyone out there got a good secondhand vent panel, the one at the base of the windscreen for R/H Drive a 71 240z I am in Southern Ireland Toein:disappoin