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  1. Got a few more parts attached. Looks like we will do the motor install tonight.
  2. Yes, I am very picky about that, LOL.
  3. Yes, it does fine. Same as the new paint. I just paint the rubber portion. Touch up if needed after bending over harness
  4. Hand painted with a small brush and gloss black paint.
  5. Got most of the suspension in along with the rear diff and CV joints. Also installed fuel and brake lines.
  6. The weatherstripping is for 1994 -2003 kia sportage
  7. Car arrived Friday from Miguel. The paint work is amazing as always. Since it has only been around 110 degrees F here in San Diego, I decided to do a little work on the car. Got the underside painted with POR-15 and then added a little undercoating. Painted the forward radiator supports, rear vent holes and the wire tabs. Started installing a few components that were ready to go. My son is going to lend a hand tomorrow so should be able to finish up the brake and fuel lines and install the suspension. She's looking pretty nice!
  8. The death rate is more a factor of timing really. At the initial virus outbreak, the virus was quite deadly as it ravaged Europe and the North East US. The death rate for all those countries on the leading edge was quite high. That is what the charts I posted earlier show, high death rate per infection in April, and a death rate at nearly one-third of that by August. I would expect that trend to continue as the virus weakens over time. This can also be seen in the US data. Those states in orange below were part of the initial infection and have a much higher death rate than those in the yellow that are part of the current US peak. A virus weakens over time. The strong ones kill their hosts and die out themselves. The weak ones survive and their hosts live on to infect others. That is why in virtually all of the European daily death charts and New York and New Jersey you have the steep rise initially and then the slow drop as the virus weakens as it works its way through the population with the survival rate increasing. This article talks about that process a bit. While biology is really not my forte, the numbers from the charts above are really quite telling https://sciencewithdrdoug.wordpress.com/2020/07/27/enzymes-in-humans-are-mutating-the-novel-coronavirus-in-an-accelerated-fashion-to-make-it-less-harmful/ As a side note, I think you're being a little hard on the college kids as being 'agents of the grim reaper'. Technically, anytime we get behind the wheel of our cars, we could be considered 'agents of the grim reaper'. 37,000 Automobile deaths and millions injured or handicapped.
  9. I spent a little time on the worldometer site ( https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries ) yesterday looking at the data. There is a ton of information there. From the the data, here are a few of my observations. This is the world data. Here are my thoughts on the world data. 1) It looks like we peaked around August 8, give or take a few days, for the daily new cases. The daily death rate has not risen in unison but is very roughly around 5k per day and somewhat flat by comparison. In that same April to August time frame, daily new case rate tripled. I think the reason for this is because of: increased testing availability (thus more tests), improvements in treating the disease (remidisiver?), and the most virulent forms of the virus dying out-They kill their hosts. 2) The big ramp starting in May is when Brazil, India and Mexico joined in on the party (Major population centers). Brazil, Mexico and US are beyond their peaks and ramping down. India looks like they have not peaked yet and they have a heck of a lot of people. 3) China is a non-reporter and has no bearing on these charts. However, in reality, they are a pretty scary unknown since they have the worlds largest population. Also, I think Mexico and India may be underreporting due to some of the more impoverished areas not reporting or providing accurate data (Just guessing on that one) 4) Europe is pretty much past this all with very few deaths coming from England, Spain. France and Italy. My guess would be the few that they have are the elderly. 5) Currently, the overall trend looks to be going down for both daily new cases and daily deaths which is somewhat encouraging. Both charts should continue to show a long slow downward ramp. There may be a few bumps in the downward trend, but I doubt that any of them exceeds the current peaks.
  10. Would be interesting to know how many of those were: asymptomatic, hospitalized or ICU. The fact that they don't mention any hospitalization makes me think it is not very many. In San Diego County we get daily infections, hospitalizations, ICU status and deaths. San Diego had a 0 death day yesterday.
  11. Got so tired of slamming the doors on my white Z to close them that I decided to try the Kia Sportage weatherstripping mentioned on another thread here. Wow, what a difference! Door closes nicely and the door is now aligned again with the rear dogleg panel. My guess is that the metal portion of the Precision brand weatherstripping is too wide. There is no need for it to be that wide. If it was the same as the Kia metal portion, I think it would work well. Unfortunately it does not.
  12. Ah, sorry, was not very clear on that. I put in the old cracked dash with about 6 screws and connected most of the harness connectors. No heater panel or center stuff. Gauges work, ammeter, oil, water , gas and tach. Just enough to run it. Hopefully new dash is available soon.
  13. Took her out for a quick photoshoot. Car is running very nice. Still waiting for a dash so the interior is incomplete, but otherwise she is just about finished.
  14. Thanks! Finally got the air cleaner back from the powdercoat shop. Turns out they were shut down for a week as one of the employees had COVID, thus the delay. Now just waiting for radiator decals and engine bay is complete.
  15. Not trying to be contentious here, but the 'deaths climbing' will always be a fact of life for any statistic of living things. When the number of deaths does not climb we have either A) ALL achieved immortality B. the resurrection of the dead is happening in real time or C) the Zombie apocalypse is upon us. One of my 'pet peeve' phrases.
  16. Still waiting on the new dash from vintage dash and air cleaner from the powder coat shop. Threw the old dash in for now so I could get the motor running. 20200802_163644.mp4
  17. She's Orange! Nice to have the paint done. Will dry and then get color sand. This might be at my place in a couple weeks. I am so ready.
  18. https://www.yahoo.com/news/more-likely-die-cancer-covid-160541140.html Can't believe the editors let this one out the door.
  19. Thanks, actually they are a bit to stiff to handle the curves though. I had to break them into smaller pieces. That white 1/4" plastic molding is actually perfect. It flexes nicely. I think that was left over from some home improvement project. If I did this a lot, I would get some more of the plastic molding.
  20. Lots of progress this weekend. Got the headliner and pillar vinyl installed. Windshield and exhaust system also installed.
  21. Thanks, most of the parts were there. I just clean'em up, re-plate stuff, or re-paint, then assemble. I like jdm-car-parts.com for parts that I have to replace.
  22. Things are moving along now. Headliner should arrive today, so should have that installed tonight and windshield in on Saturday. Also waiting for Dash, exhaust system and air cleaner.
  23. Sav-On plating in Phoenix. Cassandra is my contact there.
  24. FINALLY! Orange paint. This is great to see. Parts are ready to install as soon as she arrives at my place. Still probably going to be a few weeks. Needs final body paint and color sand and polish.
  25. Looking through the San Diego data, I was surprised by some of the numbers. Very eye opening. Not a single death for those 19 and under for all of San Diego county. That's incredible. 86% of the deaths are of those 60 and older.
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