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  1. Hi Mike,

       My restoration thread has been totally deleted.  Not sure why.





  2. Yes, that looks correct.  Pretty sure it is the same for the 74 as it is for the 71.  What would be cost with shipping?



    1. Terrapin Z

      Terrapin Z


      I don't think they changed them much it looks the same as a 73 I have as well. 

      Zip code?


  3. I am running 7/8" both front and rear. I like it

  4. Yes, I prefer the set-up for the daily drive. Its still firm, but liveable. I recently cut 1.5 coils off of the front only to evenout the body. The back is stock and sagging, but the front was still stock height. I cut the coil to make the tire clearance the same front and back. I really like the ride...no desire to change. I think it looks better too.


  5. Hi, I only have the pics that I took (which I like better actually). They are 5 megs each. I can send you some. How do you sugest file transferr?


  6. Hi John,

    I was looking for that modified Z air cleaner that I think you make or have. I just remember you posting a picture of it. I thought it looked pretty nice. Do you have any more info on that? I think I would like one for my new modified 71Z.



  7. That will be great. Thanks Again. Rich

  8. When can I buy mine :-) . Looking forward to getting those. It will just about complete my engine work.

    Thanks again for all your hard work on this.


  9. Hi Esprist,

    Any updates on the braided hose?

    Thanks again for your work on this,


  10. Hi Carl,

    Not sure if you noticed in the pics on the '240 refresh', but the Air Galley turned colors. Prior to running the motor, it was the yellow gold color (pics without battery installed). Now it is a copper color due to the heat. I am guessing this is because it was the zinc base and not the cadmium. I do have another Air Galley and am planning on sending it up to a shop in LA for Cad plating. Hopefully that holds up better to the heat. I am not running the smog pump (belt not attached), so I am sure the Air Galley is getting hotter than normal. I would post this on the thread, but I want to be a bit cautious with this subject. Thanks again for all of the help and input.

    Best Regards,


  11. Hi David,

    I have two tickets to the Historic Sports car festval in Fontana tomorrow (June 28). You can have them if you would like. Phone me at (760) 735-9780.


  12. Hi Carl,

    Quick question: The bolt that holds on the crank pulley, what color should it be? Mine was very blue, but some suggest it should be just the zinc plate. I think the zinc looks nicer, but I painted mine blue because that looked like the original. Any thoughts?

  13. Hi Bob,

    Hey, I did get a nice pic and verbage from the Japanese Nostalgic site regarding the ZCCIV show. That's pretty cool.


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