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  1. I'm beyond impress with this build progress and that paint job is fantastic; to perfect! Hope to see more updates with pictures, keep 'em coming.
  2. Ohh, I actually thought it was a 'fake location' haha! But no it's fine. I'm currently on the hunt for a '70 Datsun 240z and saving up for a cleaner one I suppose. Kinda want to get something more to the beginning of its time. Personal preference and desire to own myself one is all.
  3. AHAHA real nice, I'll be sure to visit in my dreams and pick one up!
  4. I do the exact same thing; scouting out the US for 240z! They really are scattered across Cali though! I go into other towns and I seem to spot 'em just sitting away doing nothing or being used while currently parked, and every so often if its one of those lucky ones there still being driven around! Those are the ones that catch my attention and drive me wild to get one myself the road!
  5. WOW you really came up on that! Read through and saw the other photos, such a great find! Hope to see more of this new '73 240z you got added to your collection. Looks beautiful!
  6. Care to share with me a few photos of what you happened to get a hold of!? That is if its a Datsun 240z
  7. aha you did!? I manage to spot it on my iPhone craigslist app & decided to swing by and take a look! & he's willing to let it go cheaper to me now; we talked for quite awhile & about my plans for any 240z. The owner actually has a few other Z cars on his little lot by the way! Has a decent looking Datsun 260z but it was sad to see when I saw it just sitting there with crap inside it :/ Either way though it looked amazing! Wish the '72 Datsun 240z looked as clean as this Datsun 260z! Take a look! http://mexichris.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_37.jpg http://mexichris.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_38.jpg http://mexichris.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_39.jpg
  8. Saving up my money for engine/parts & a better but a '70 Datsun 240z! =) But I think I'm gonna purchase this beat up car just for spare parts and what not from it. Like a few of you recommended. Thanks for all the advice everyone, really do appreciate it! I'll be saving up till April (around my bday) for a better one or unless I spot a '70 240z sooner in my budget! Cause my original plan 3-4yrs ago to now was to own a '69 240z, those are rare to come by as we all know, so a '70 240z will do & will be my main mission as of now:) Ohhh and a little info on me & how I feel about 240z! Irregardless of of rebuilding one from the ground up or purchasing one 'fixed' I HAVE NO INTENTIONS AT ALL to ever resell any 240z I ever own! TRUST ME these cars mean a lot more to me than my own life, so I wouldn't dare to part with one once I own a piece of history!
  9. Hello everybody, I'm Chris and I'm currently in the process of purchasing a '72 Datsun 240z shell for really cheap price! But I'd like everyone's opinion on this near purchase of mine before I take a step towards it & invest on it. I've come to love it and really have a desire to restore this car, always have for any 240z as they should be restored!! But like everyone, money is low blow and definitely an issue! (times be hard now a days, we all know that) My only issue and concern is if I decide to go on with the purchase is obviously the work; rust issues mainly! Which leads to a lot of 'media blasting' or whatever it may be called to restore a car from rust...? And we all know that's a lot of $$$ depending on the condition. Which I'd be fine to do if it were VERY cheap. Anyways, if I could get everyone's opinion on this car on whether to purchase or not. I'd really appreciate it. It has some clean spots I guess, but still body damage & rust, missing stuff & give or take it's in critical condition. Also; if anyone can inform me on local shops in Southern California that does amazing body restoration (rust & body repair) work at yet affordable prices; please do let me know! I'm located in Lancaster, CA and would like something near by to find some price quotes... maybe that could help with my purchase!? Well here's a pic & links are underneath to view more of this '72 Datsun 240z shell http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_03.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_04.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_05.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_06.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_08.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_09.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_10.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_11.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_12.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_13.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_14.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_15.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_16.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_17.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_18.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_19.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_20.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_21.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_22.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_23.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_27.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_28.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_29.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_30.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_32.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_33.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_34.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_35.jpg http://MexiChriS.com/images/2010/02/01/72-Datsun-240z_36.jpg NOTE: complete engine and random parts are already in contact for purchase; if i decide to buy this old out dated but still living 240z! So no need to worry on obtaining a complete engine swap! And I will be posting this on other forums just to get a more wider response from everyone as much as I can; just sayin!
  10. Sweet, thank you very much & I'll be waiting for the PM!
  11. If still available; how much!? Curious
  12. Did you by any chance get to see those photos & possibly still have to show/share with me!? I'm in the process of looking into restoring a '71 Datsun 240z which will definitely need a lot of body work & restoration. So I'm looking around for a price quote which i know won't be very nice to hear/see.
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