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  1. ive read many posts about replacing the frame rails and floors but there is one question i havent found the answer to yet.... im about to be replacing both the rails and floor pans and i am needing to know if i have to put in any kind of reinforcing before i cut the old ones out. im just replacing from the firewall back..just didnt want to cut them out and find out later down the road that the whole car is no longer level and square and the doors wont go back on.. sorry if its a dumb question. just want to make sure.
  2. ive been working on my problem and have made some progress, but the problem still exists. along with the above mentoned fixes i have recently done the following... new fuelpump new tps new (used but cleaned) injectors new cap and rotor new distributor i have regained allot of the missing low end power. and the engine seems to be running smoother. there is a small kink in the fuel rail, but not very big. and my fuel pressuse is still low(around 28psi) in 1st through 3rd i can get into the high rpms, in forth i seem to be leveling out around 4500. and in 5th i can bearly get past 2500.. any ideas (warning...dumb question alert) this is the first 5 speed ive owned so this is probably a stupid question. so forgive me. but......... since 5th was basically added to improve fuel economy, am i not suposed to get to the higher rpms in 5th? is fith basically just a crusing gear and 4th is my high end gear? you may now mock me.
  3. the car is a 1977 280z back story..... the injectors in the car were real bad. tips were cracked and broken and probably clogged up. the engine ran real lean and the fuel pressure was low(20-25 psi) had a severe lack of power(wouldnt rev past 3k) other than that, it ran. its my daily driver. present time.... i installed new injectors and it fired up the first time and ran for only a few seconds and was unable to get it restatred(however now the fuel pressure is where it should be 36 psi). i investigated and found it to be very flooded( all 6 plugs were wet, heavy smell of gas in the exhaust pipe.) the old plugs had some speed glazing from running lean, so i switched those out as well. if i pinch of the fuel line it will start and once i release the fuel line it imidietly floods again. i have read other threads similiar to this but havent found any with feed back as to the if and how it was fixed. any ideas would be great.
  4. i just replaced my air pressure regulator and ever since than the car has had a very high idle(from 1500-2000). ive got the idle adjustment screw turned down as far as it will go(no help). it does it wether its warm or cold. the high idle goes away after driving for a few minutes. any ideas on why this is. thanks for th help.
  5. ive been working on the problem im having and so far havent made any progess. so far i have.. replaced all sensors on thermo housing. new plugs and wires. new fluids and filters. checked continuity of throttle valve switch. cleaned throttle body. checked throttle linkages. checked all injectors(not replaced yet) checked and adjusted AFM checked exhaust for blockages timing is dead on the throttlr does open all the way when reved, as does the flap in the AFM. it cant be anything to major because the engine runs very good(smooth, sounds good, descent mpg) im begining to lose my mind here. any ideas?
  6. this past weekend i pulled the throttle body off to clean it and i noticed a hole in the manafold. it looks like there should be somthing there but i can find anything in any of my books. attached is a pic of the hole in question. so, am i missing somthing?
  7. http://jalopnik.com/5188013/striking-black-gold-in-the-junkyard found another one you will like
  8. http://jalopnik.com/5195209/chinese-lamborghini-mucielago-built-from-nissan-300zx thought you all may get a kick out of this
  9. im having issues with my throtle responce and low rpm's. in first gear, if i really get on the gas, the car just drives away and gradually gets up to speed. in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th everything seems fine. in 5th gear, once i get to cruising speed i can put the pedle to the floor and get very little if any responce. but just this morning on my way home, i put the pedle to the floor and the car just took off, the way im guessing it should, and i havent been able to get it to do it since. any ideas. im thinking its the throtle valve switch, but dont really know how to test it. any wires that could be lose that im not thinking about?
  10. proud owner of a 77 280z. located in the dfw area, im always looking for some local z owners, shops, clubs, etc. lord knows i could use some help.

  11. TexasStyle280z

    77 280z

    project 280z
  12. i say stick with it steve. the floor of my 280 is shot and will need replacing as well. im going to be replacing the entire floor and supports. sounds like thats what you are needing. to me, it sounds like the best way for you to do it is weld in a bunch of supports in side the car. this will keep the body straight and solid. than cut out the entire floor and replace it as 1 piece. itll take a bit more time and work, but in the end it would be easier than replacing it a piece at a time. good luck, and i hope you stay with the z. im sure youll be glad you did.
  13. ive been working on my 280's mechanical gremlins for a few weeks now and have noticed a descent jump im mpg. was getting around 10 mpg when i bought it, and am currently getting 16. she's still running rather rich so im hoping i can get in the mid to upper 20's out of her. whats the average for these cars, how far can i push it?
  14. I have a 77 280 and am currently having all the same issues. you will definatly need a good wiring diagram. i resolved 2 of those problems so far. the reverse lights werent working because of a broken reverse light switch, and the blinkers werent working because the wires on my fusible link were real lose. hopfully those will be of some help. good luck.
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