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  1. Yeah there was rust everywhere on this car. Nice waste of 5 hours on a beautiful Saturday
  2. What do you mean? Yeah Im not afraid to pay top dollar for a good chassis because I will not be doing the bulk of the bodywork. Most I would Is sand, sandblast the rear, and put the stock lights on. Any other work would be done at a body shop
  3. Should I buy this car? The owner says it has very little rust with only 70k miles on it. He's willing to let it go for 2.3k. Car runs but I will be doing a ls1 swap anyways. It's a 3hr drive away and I will be checking it out tomorrow. The only bad thing I see is they destroyed the rear end with different horrbile looking lights and a hack job of a rear bumper shave. Owner says the rear was fiberglassed. What do you guys think? Buy or wait for a cleaner car? Unfortunately he doesnt have a better camera. Thanks in advance.
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