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  1. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all their help. I ended up going through the process of repairing the cracks in the dash, and then put the working harness from my original dash back into the repaired dash. I put it all back together this past weekend after several weekends of work, and everything works on it. I could not have done it without help from this site ... so thanks very much!!
  2. I have not had time to get all the info yet as I haven't been down to the garage in a few days, but I will this weekend and I will post as much info as I can. I am actually not 100% certain that it is a 72 dash that I ended up with as a replacement. I am learning as I go here ... so next time I will make sure that I have a lot more information about my problem before I post. Sorry guys ... I am new to the site and also don't have much experience with working on electrical systems. I will try to give you as many details as I can, just as soon as I can get the time to get back to work on her. Thanks for the help. It is greatly appreciated.
  3. Oops. I guess I am not an electrical genius ... hence the problems I am having. I meant the white plastic connectors and not relays. Thanks though, cause now I know what that little metal box is on the drivers side kick panel.
  4. I am using the harness that came with the replacement dash I bought. I was told that everything worked on it. I would like to avoid removing the dash again if possible, so I would like to at least troubleshoot the problem before I give up and take it back out. Most of it actually does work, except for the things I mentioned. If I can't use the harness from the new dash, then I will most likely refurbish the dash I took out, and then put it back in. You guys are correct though in that I should have swapped the harness in the first place. Rookie mistake on my part. At least now I have a possible solution if all else fails. Too bad that it involves another weekend on my back getting 36 year old dust in my eyes. Can anyone tell me where the relays are that control the wipers, turn indicators, gauge lights, and brake lights? Also ... I am new to this site, and I just wanted to say thanks to anyone and everyone who offers me any help. I could not have even removed the dash in the first place had I not found some very useful info in the threads posted here. Thanks Vile
  5. I recently bought a 1972 240z. The dash was severely cracked and the glove box was broken, so I swapped the dashboard out with another dash that was in much better shape. I got the second dash in and now my turn indicators and wipers don't work. The lights in the gauges don't work either. I really would not like to take the dash back out. Can anyone tell me where to look for bad connections for my wipers, turn indicators, brake lights, and gauge lights? I carefully labelled every connection but there is a chance that I either missed something or didn't fully connect something. If I can't diagnose the problem, I may end up refurbishing my other dash with bumper repair plastic and then putting the old one back in. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Vileheadbanger
  6. I just picked up a 1972 240z last week, and it needs some work. The dash has major cracks, of course, and the glove box cover is broken in half. I picked up a replacement dash, with only minor cracks, and an intact glove box. So far, this site has helped a lot guide me through some of the steps, so thanks for the thorough posts. If anyone out there wants to share info about dash replacement ... I am sure I could use the help. Thanks. Vile
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