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  1. then where do the lap belts attach to? the same place?
  2. What do the bottom two belts attach to? I couldn't see in the picture or find a place in the car.
  3. Wow, I think that would work perfectly. Do those belts come in 2 inches? and do they have 4 pt. versions of the same thing? p.s. Thanks for the pics, they are very helpful.
  4. Would more agressive seats w/ holes in them for harnesses work better than the design 2000 seats? Or would they be too tight of a fit for my dad, or do you have to install different rails to mount them?
  5. My dad and I are similar builds, both tall and lanky, I am 6'2, he is officially 6' 3", but probably stands around 6' 1", we both weigh around 160, I am not sure how close our shoulders and hips are in measurements, but I can find out if necessary. My dad would also like to be able to return the car to stock conditions and would like it close to stock conditions (i.e. no bolt on engine upgrades but we have discussed seats and belts but neither of us know very much about them.) I like to be held in the seat very tight, and to not slide around at all, while my dad likes to be held a little looser, if not completely loose. The car is mostly for fun and will be driven sportily and used for me to touch up my manual shifting and heel- technique. There is a very good chance we will take it to autocrosses, and there is a slight chance for a track day here and there.
  6. We are leaning more towards the factory seats, but we are considering racing seats. The problem is would need a seat that fits both of us. Can you recommend any seats and any good belts for our situation?
  7. Me and my dad are looking to install racing harnesses in our stock 1973 240z. We do not want to have to drill any holes or install any roll cages. Is this possible?? It looks like the cargo tie downs in the back could be used but I have no idea. Thanks in advance.
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