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  1. fraz

    Heater tap help

    Thanks for your help guys, have purchased one now, thanks to Scott (uras1) for pointing me in the right direction.
  2. fraz

    Heater tap help

    I never tried Nissan, have tried Nissan for R31 parts and had no luck so just presumed you wouldn't be able to. Had a mate from autobarn do the ring around too and no luck anywhere...
  3. fraz

    Heater tap help

    Pics help hey! Yeah checked there, none for a 240k.... Here is a link to one on Import Monster. Import Monster | View heater tap
  4. fraz

    Heater tap help

    Hi guys just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction as to where I can get a replacement heater tap for under the dash as mine is pretty corroded etc. Is there a different model datsun which uses the same one? I looked at universal ones but most of them are a slightly different setup and need to be modified to work. I found the ones on Import Monster, these will be the last option i guess if cannot find something else as they work out to be roughly $130 delivered I think when I worked it out, might not be much to some people but would rather put it into other places on the build Thanks in advance! Matt.
  5. Sorry to butt into the conversation but I also have a question relating to suspension setup also. Does anyone know if this setup will fit, or how much modifying it would need, is to suit a datto 1600. Front - height adjustable coilover kits with king springs, vented rotors, 4 pots, braided lines, camber tops, adjustable lca's, caster, heavy duty sway bar. Rear - Seam welded rear cross memeber, heavy duty rear sway bar, disc brakes, lowered springs and kyb struts. A bit of it is maddat stuff apparently need to find more info out, but if means need to change too much I won't go down this path..... Cheers!
  6. Crazy guys, no one sell them anymore to be sent over there! I will give it to them they can handle a car well!
  7. Gone now, how much did he want for it did you see?
  8. nothing wrong with that! cheers
  9. Thanks for that. Do you have a link or even what you searched for to come across it as can't seem to find it thanks
  10. Yeah think he's getting a bit excited with some of the bits...
  11. bugger, yeah i just want to know what the coin means, been bugging me, and cant find anything on google!
  12. he will get the start bid for eye brows, if you dont have any what are you going to do???? i would have to pay that and get them fixed a bit if didnt have any at all...
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