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  1. I checked all the fuses, pulled them out, tested and put them all back. All of them were working fine. I have the Console mounted fuse box. But i didn't have time to pull apart the steering column so i will check the wiring in there tomorrow after work. Thanks or all the help and suggestions.
  2. So, i have been reading here for a long time but never really put in my two cents until now. I have a wiring problem that i just can't figure out. My TailLights and Dash Lights are out and i can not get them to come back on. The lights should come on when you turn your headlights on, and my headlights come on perfectly fine but the other lights do not. I have checked every fuse and they are all good. I have also checked all the bulbs to see if maybe they were out and they are still good. My brake lights work fine, but my Taillights and Dash light are the problem. Dose anyone know what the problem could be or could it just be i need to rewire the entire back end? Thanks for anyone's help or comments.