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    i just got it from my grandpa, i wanted to get it before it left the family. its a 1973 240z 4spd, with the original block, all matching numbers. the body is straight though the paint is gone. its an arizona car, so no rust. it isnt running, but thats where the fun begins. the interior is totally wasted and needs to be entirely replaced. arizona heat.

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  1. i appreciate all the advice, i have to tell you all though, this is more about this particular car than anything else. anyways, i know its gonna be a lot of work and expense, but i also don't have to do it right now. the car is mine. i'm just getting started and if i can only afford to do one small thing a month, thats what i am doing. i'm starting by pitching everything thats no good, i tore out the interior already, and there actually isnt any rust except for a little bit in certain places, but its all fixable with a little bit of sandpaper, none of it is damaging. the engine, i don't know. i'll see. thanks for the advice, but i'm determined to keep it going with this car. and i'm pretty handy with mechanical things. i've replaced head gaskets and things like that before, so i may not know it all, but i can do it with enough patience and the right advice! thanks!
  2. i'm just venturing into the world of car restoration and i'm starting with one of my all time favorite cars, the 240z. my grandpa gave it to me as long as i promised not to sell it, but i want to preserve it as a family heirloom. i thought it would be fine, just need some interior work and a little TLC for the engine, but it had been sitting for longer than i thought. i dont even know where to begin. i started by tearing out the carpet and insulation in the interior because it's all trashed and will need replacing. where should i go next? i have attached a link to some picture of the car i took today. i'm keeping a journal of the restoration process and all the stories my grandpa tells me when i go over to work on it. anyways, once i get it cleaned up and on blocks, what should i do first? get started on replacing things on the engine? do whatever it takes to get the thing to turn over? dissassemble and paint the body? where is the ideal starting point? it has the original block and i want to keep the original block in it. i dont mind changing out other parts like alternators and such, but it would be nice to keep anything with a vin on it the same. also did all 73's come with the hood vents? thanks, rob photos of my 1973 240z
  3. from phoenix AZ. just got my hands on a 240z. its been in the family for about 20 years between my uncle and grandpa, so i'm excited to get my hands on it and restore(its been parked for the last 8). luckily its been an arizona car the whole time. no rust, just needs paint, a rebuild, and some interior work, tires, and other odds and ends. thats me, and thats my car!
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