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  1. Hello, I need some Body Parts (Outer Wheel Arch etc...) for my 240z since mine are really bad. luckily I found someone in Germany who sells 260z repair panels. Pictures : http://port9.org/panels/ unfortunately, I didnt got any further informations about the parts. I'm wondering if they will fit on my 240z (72)? Greetings
  2. At first i want to say sorry for the late answer, i was really busy lately so I had unfortunately no time to take care of the Z . VIN: HLS30-80378 Miles: about 100k some additional pictures: http://port9.org/z/2/
  3. Hi classiczcars.com readers! I'm Pascal from Germany. I imported this shiny 1972 240z: http://port9.org/z/ (Pictures taken from the Importer at Palm Springs, CA) to Germany... after 2 Months of waiting I got a call from the importer: "your car arrived today!" .... I was quite excited(and a bit worried too) since I never saw a 240z in real. fortunately all my worries went as I saw this: http://port9.org/z/22.JPG (Sorry for the bad Picture...) I cound'nt believe that they look even better in real Pictures & Videos of the Z at his new home: Pictures: http://mediaportalx.de/240z/album?album=all&gallery=1 Video: http://mediaportalx.de/240z/archives/16 I wonder if the previous Owner is registred on this forum?! Would be interesting to hear something about the history of the Z. Pascal
  4. Sailor Bob: I think your right, i'm going to look for a good one instead of import thousand of parts. Hi MikeW, thanks for the mull example - a local oldtimer shop in my area imports every year cars from the US, so i have someone who knows pretty much about old cars who looks at the car which means i don't have to rely on bad ebay pictures and stuff but even this can -of course- end in a nightmare. (hope this sentence makes sense, not sure about the "rely" part... )
  5. Hi hls30.com, thanks for the reply, good to know that no 240z came with a factory sunroof, i'm planing to restorate the Z to "original status" since I'm planing to get the german H(historic car) plates to save taxes. i want to buy some spare parts because i have to pay the shipping for the car anyway, and the price would not change if the car is full of parts. But your right, it's hard to say what parts are needed if you've never seen the car. I thought about parts like a gasket kit and stuff like this... ---- since I'm a student money _is_ an issue but i won't get stuck in the middle of the project because a "screw" is missing Pascal.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm a student from Germany and realy into z cars especially the 240z, unfortunately these cars are very very rare here in Europe (or I'm too dumb to find one). So we are planing to import one from the US as a project to build it up, but i have some questions left: which spare parts should I pick up from the US in addition to the complete Z? I know it's hard to say since every Z needs other parts, but I'm sure there are some major parts which are always good to have like another clutch or something. (I'm searching especially for parts which are hard to find in europe, if you know some let it me know ) besides this i have some doubts about the sunroof, since it's very rainy here in Germany it needs to be water proof ( I guess it's not the right word but i hope you understand what I mean) which Z cars had a sunroof and are they "leak-proof"? ------------ To the german members, : Do I have to change the headlights to some europe/German/whatever guidelines? I'm thankful for any tips, sorry for the bad english. Greetings from Germany - Pascal
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