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  1. After work I was able to start the car fine and drive home. Upon getting home, the car went back to its no-start state. This problem is truly intermittent, and time away will tend to fix it. Anyways... Me and my friend set out to fix this. He's a good mechanic with a pretty solid knowledge of electrical... 1. Starter was tested, it's fine. 2. Tested voltage from battery to starter. That is fine as well, full 12 volts. 3. Tested the ignition wire with light - It was functioning correctly. Upon testing the ignition wire with the multimeter, it was once at 12 - then dropped to 9. The current wasn't consistently strong enough . The end of the ignition wire was corroded so we snipped it off and replaced it. That didn't help much. The quick fix: Relay was hooked up to the ignition wire and battery. Ignition wire will send the weaker current to the RELAY, which will then open up the full 12 v from the battery to the starter. I will test this tomorrow when I go to work, and throughout the day to see if the weaker current was the real problem. From what i've gathered though, the ignition switch is fine (and that's a relief). We suspect the ignition wire itself is bad or has become internally corroded over the years. Opinions?
  2. I'm not a fan of the side profile. I don't care for how it tapers off from the roof of the car down the hatch, and then turns into what appears to be a large rounded back.The view of back of the car is pretty cool looking though. I was never a big fan of the direction Nissan went with Z's, so this inevitable design isn't surprsing. I think the aesthetic changes they made to the original S30 body (280zx) were unnecessary and in some cases ugly. When the 300 came out, any remnants of the Z body style were long gone and what was left lacked originality and style (IMO). By the time the 350 was out, the only thing that distinguished it as a Z were the badges. If the names of cars were attributed based on the car itself, and not sales, i'm sure they would have given the latter Z's new model names. Remind me to wear a vest the next time i make a post like this...
  3. Drove the Z to work today...wanted to see if the problem would come back...sure enough did! Well, maybe i can fix it while at work now --- or i'll be push starting the car to get home... UPDATE: And now the car is starting again fine. Whatever is causing this really does make it an intermittent problem.
  4. I got home and the car has been starting ever since. I need to get this sorted maybe tonight (ill check the ignition switch) although power was getting to the starter (tested with light) ... These problems are a pain, when they come and go. It makes it hard to use the car without worrying if it will do it again while out and about.
  5. So, given the switch is toasted - I'll have to purchase a new one...unless of course the issue is that it isn't connecting.
  6. Will do, I will take a look at that tomorrow after work. I think that makes sense, considering how everything was fine before this abrupt issue. Are there any good schematics of the ignition switch? (FSM?) I guess once I take it apart, it'll all be pretty obvious. Thanks again guys. I'll keep you updated!
  7. Ignition switch sounds like a potential culprit. Are there any associated fuses with the ignition switch (IE - something simple that can be checked before opening the ignition up to see if the problem lies within?) Are there any particular wires to keep my eyes out for with the ignition switch? (things that typically go bad with it) Thanks again all for the timely responses.
  8. I tested the spade connector. It was one of the first things i was suspicious of. I've crimped it like you said, but that is not it. There is a solid connection there.
  9. Recap: My starter is new, maybe only 2 or 3 weeks old. It's a 78' gear reduction starter in a '76 Z (covered all of this on the board). So, I'm driving to pick up some to-go food and head to my inlaws house. Car is running fine as I cross town, everything is good. I get there, eat, and upon leaving I find myself stranded. I put the key in and turn to start, dead silence. All i can hear is the fuel pump engaging. I checked the: 1. Battery (full charge) 2. Wiring to Starter - All Secure 3. Fuses (n/a) Basically we push started the car and got it home. Upon getting it home, it started once; but then the 2nd attempt it failed again. When you turn the key, its just quiet. No crank, no nothing. What can this be? The Starter failing? Wiring? A relay? This all came out of nowhere, the car was starting and running great beforehand! Help!
  10. Please let us know how it turns out. I have also been looking at this modification for my 280, and would like to know if it worth getting into! Thanks
  11. I concur, the style is very attractive. Great artist. RIP.
  12. mikewags

    Twice Pipes

    How did you get the exhaust to come out on the right side? Isn't the gas tank in the way?
  13. I got the starter installed today. The car starts on the first crank now with a distinctly different cranking sound. You can tell the new starter has more torque---getting the car started faster. The problem before was that I was hooking the battery ground up in the wrong order, of the cable (ground?) coming out of the actual starter. It was causing the starter gear to click out, but not spin. I'm glad I exchanged it anyways though, considering the old one had a stripped ground bolt. Thanks for all the help Stephen!
  14. This is my old starter and This is the one I bought... It bolts up correctly, but should it work (the starter gear catch the flywheel?) I saw this post as well, kind of threw me off. http://www.zcar.com/forums/read/1/1878227/1879050 Some clarification would be great.
  15. Hey Stephen...are you for sure that a 78 starter, like the one I listed above; should have enough clearance to catch my flywheel? I hooked it all up but it just spun, and didnt catch. The negative bolt on the solenoid was stripped, so im going to return it for another one...but i just want to make sure that the 2nd try will work. Remember, i have a late 75 (1976 280z) - 4 speed. Thanks.
  16. It comes in tomorrow, so I look forward to getting that install completed. Thanks a lot for all the help Stephen, you're a real asset around here.
  17. I took the old starter out. The flywheel looked fine, teeth in good condition. The starter on the other hand showed some wear. I think the solenoid was on its way out, along with some worn down teeth. I went to the local auto parts and had the guy look up both a 1978 280z starter, as well as a 1983 280zx starter...they only had 2 kinds of starters (same for both cars). The one i got was this one: http://www.partsamerica.com/ProductDetail.aspx?MfrCode=WWA&MfrPartNumber=16584&PartType=123&PTSet=A Basically it was only $69.99 (after 20$ core charge) - There was only one other one for $125.00 or so. Looking at this page (http://www.partsamerica.com/ProductList.aspx?PartType=123&PTSet=A) , there are quite a few available online from this auto parts chain; although the store didn't seem to have any of those in the computer (besides the beck/arnley one -$125.00) Anyways, I got the cheaper one...but I figured by the way it looked, its a gear reduction starter and should be fine...or would i be better off with one of the other ones? Stephen? Advice? The flywheel - Was hard to get a decent shot, but the teeth are good. Inner gear of starter. Wear and tear - some of the teeth are pretty chewed up.
  18. Wow, you are a hardcore Z fanatic. I can only imagine what this restoration costs!
  19. Sounds good. Thanks a lot Stephen. I will update this thread tonight with my diagnosis of the starter/flywheel. Hopefully the flywheel is fine, the last thing i want to do now is find out the flywheel is the issue. *IF* the flywheel is missing teeth/ground down, i guess I will put the existing starter and just run the car until the problem gets worse. I don't think I can cause any additional damage doing this, just get the most out of the parts... Would you say this makes sense?
  20. http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/shop_parts/starter/nissan/280z.html I found a bunch of 78 ones here. I think the 82-83 ZX will work as well. Would i be better off getting a later year starter (maybe designed better?) http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/details/QQNissanQQ280ZXQQBoschQQStarterQQ19791983QQW0133-1609531.html 79-83 ZX Starter (bosch) I trust ya' Stephen! Tell me what to buy, and it's done (granted: after i remove the old one tonight and have a look at the condition of the flywheel) I do have a feeling its the starter.
  21. Is this the same starter in each case? (78 Z, ZX/810/Maxima RWD starter) What should I keep my eyes open for? 1978 280z and -> starter? Any ZX/810/Maxima RWD starter?
  22. I would love it if my Z started up on the first crank. Usually it takes 2 or 3 turns of the key for it to finally start.
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