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    got a s14 that i have for a while set up for circuit use trying to get rid of it actually.
    Just brought a 240 coupe and will be turning it into a GT-r Replica
  1. Gt-r parts for sale $2500 shipping will be organised buy buyer local pick up aslo welcome. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39264&highlight=coupe+sale+good+home Pics on thead about half way down
  2. Hey everyone the car has gone to a good home and if anyone is still interested in the parts you will have to hurry as the person who brought the car is keen on part but not right now. $3000 all parts estimated value of about $4500
  3. sent you email if you are still interested
  4. here are those pics you asked for the grill is metal in the middle and the two headlight sections are plastic this is a original grill from japan. PS im not willing to seperate parts if you have anymore quetions let me know.
  5. Here are the parts for sale as well hope some one will pick them up no use to me if the car is gone. Thanks and just out of curiousness if i was to seperate i would like $3000 for parts and $500 for car or $3000 for the lot
  6. All parts are genuine front grill with gt-r badge,NOS two sets of skyline badges for rear quaters,NOS Brushed alloy peices for centre console,NOS right hand side R fuel vent cover,NOS right hand tail light with gt-r style surround and NOS rear garnish peice with gt-r and skyline badges. thses parts alone are worth $3000. plus i have new centre console cover,good left hand front guard and NOS front beaver peice. Im am willing to sell the lot including car wich still has good parts and interior for $3000 no less otherwise its not worth it and if i sell the parts only i still have the car sitting there doing nothing so you may as well take it with the parts. PS pretty shore that is original box no motor have rb30 block if wanted.
  7. Hey guys long time between drinks i have dicided to sell my 240k coupe:( after much thinking due to a illness and not being able to work for a whlie. It needs a bit of work but i will also be seeling it with a few gt-r parts as well. Thay are all genuine nissan if you are interested contact me buy email or pm i will send you pics if required more info. Misfit82@iinet.net.au.
  8. thier the correct one for a kpcg110 the ones of the later models are flat kpgc110 bagdes have a slight rise in then
  9. hey guys any one want some skyline badges (kpgc110 style) the ones that go on the rear quarters i have 1 set for sale still in box original nissan
  10. thanks for the advise some photos whould be awsome thanks heaps
  11. i used to work for bd4s motorsport im aware of all the rule and technical know how to make this possible i think i should be ok but thanks for the tip here are a few more pics
  12. alot of work ahead but im up for the challenge the end result will be awsome
  13. please repeat the bad langage used buy me and i will gladly appoligise if not please dont do this again
  14. thanks for that what sort of qulity are the frp parts i would like to get it as close to a actual GT-R bar the s20 of course thinking rb30 bottom borred and strocked to 3.2 maybe 3.4 still want a bit of revs. Than wack a rb26 top on no turbos would like to be the first Japanese car to take the horse power heros with na6 at the summernats. As far as body goes im thinkin usual suspention mod like coil over adjutable links and arms spot weld the body and put in a half cage with acsess to the rear seats still. Once i sell my s14 than im goin on a holiday to the land of the gt-r hopefully come back with some goodies.
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