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  1. Consider this one closed. I clean the line into the tank with 60# monofiliment fishing line, added fuel and started the car. Up and running again....RB
  2. 7277: You were "spot on". The car started with a fuel line direct from the fuel can to the pump. Next step will be to try to clear the line that enters the tank. I suspect that is the cause and hope it can be cleared without dropping the tank. Again, thank you! RB P.S. Thanks to the other for ideas...RB
  3. Some great thoughts and ideas. Next weekend, 7277 seems to be the next step....Thanks!
  4. Fuel is OK. Line from the outside of the tank to the fuel strainer/filter is OK. Looks like the problem is with in the tank. Appreciate the comments about the fuel pickup. The reason the lines are clear is that I added fuel at the filter and and through "gravity flow" the fuel could be heard entering the tank. Looks like the next project will be to remove the tank and inspect/repair. Can I assume that if fuel is pumped from the tank to the SU carbs, that carbs will pre-fill to the correct level to function? Thanks for the comments and ideas. RB
  5. My nice running '72 with 115k would not start one morning. Fuel was not getting to the carbs (SU-type) and the there was no fuel in the filter. Replaced the fuel pump without effect. Checked the fuel line and it was clear and unplugged. The engine starts with "starter fluid" but is not drawing fuel from the tank. I tried priming the system by adding fuel above the filter. This fuel drained OK to the tank. Carbs are "dry." My service manuals do not have a next step. Any ideas to try next? Thank you, RB
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