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    I got the Car for free. Been about a year body work is coming along. Still having issues but i won't give up on it just yet.
  1. Thanks guys I just wanted some opinions.. I know this isn't the forum for it but I was curios to hear what you had to say.
  2. So i have a Ford 460 rebuild bored 30 over and I was thinking about dropping it into the 72 240 mostly because I have so much trouble with the original motor.. its fixable but I just feel done with it.. The motor is out of my fathers truck and he doesn't want it anymore... I was thinkin about making a drag car out of it.. the motor as it sits puts out close to 500 HP. I figure with some slight mods it will be BAD!!!!.. but help me out... So what kind of project may I be getting myself into? any heads ups or anything of the sort? Thanks guys Jake
  3. Well the only time it has cooling probs is in traffic or long idle times.. would shroud and splash pan help?
  4. I can't get pics to upload to this site for some reason but here is a link to some of what i have goin on under the hood. http://i228.photobucket.com/albums/ee228/beefcake0012/HPIM0685.jpg http://i228.photobucket.com/albums/ee228/beefcake0012/HPIM0684.jpg I will take some better ones but its raining right now so yea.... Thanks again guys.
  5. Ok here are some details on this for ya guys... when I said hot I meant running temp.. it only gets HOT when i idle for a long period of time... I say water pump because i am pretty sure its leaking... I have water comin out right where the water pump is. I was worried about head gasket but a friend of mine said he thinks water pump. he used to have a Z so i am hoping he is right. my carbs were just rebuilt as well.. the guy who did them is a really good mechanic though these were his first SUs i believe.. He is a very good mechanic and i doubt he messed them up in the prossess if that is possible. And I am getting fuel.. I believe.. I pull off the fuel line at carb and fuel comes out.. its a new fuel pump (Mechanical). I did replace the old rubber fuel lines on the tank and under hood. I adjusted all the valves. new plugs and such.. So that is round 2 so I hope i am helping you help me thank you guys. I don't plan on upgrading right now I just wanted some ideas as to whats possible.
  6. How good are the Z therapy carbs.. I am thinking about getting them.
  7. Does it sound any better with the double compared to the single?
  8. So i think i need to replace my water pump. Having trouble when i run my car car for a while it starts to shut down ... like its getting no fuel... I am still messing with the carbs to get them right but when i think they are right and i drive it, it does that.. just starts cutting out after its hot... I ran it about...20 mins then it started to do that.. help me... .could it be the water pump or a whole nother problem... Also I want some good ideas on how to best upgrade my 72 240Z its all stock minus the smog. so any thoughts on that would be great thanks for the help guys..
  9. Mine just started to leak.. so this weekend i have to replace it so as for yours.. if you want to do it. then do it... because you will probably end up doing it anyways am I right?
  10. So i have a 72 240Z... Mostly stock... It was pretty ugly when I got it.. but I have done some work so far. had carbs rebuilt... did valves. and replaced alternator, starter and batery and batery cables.. body work... Uhh mostly having problems with the carbs running right. They are particular little things i have learned.. I think i am going to buy that Video every one talks about on here from Ztherapy. So i hope that helps.. Also i want to make it a pretty mean street car so any upgrade ideas would be most appriciated.. SO yea.. thanks for reading this.. and hopefully helping. me.
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    her as of now
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