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    I have 4 280zx's. '82 Slicktop, '82 T-Tops, '81 Slicktop, '83 T-Tops. And a '75 Pontiac Firebird. Looking for a 240z, 260z, 280z, for a future project.

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  1. Wow, excellent work guys! This whole thread is a huge inspiration! I currently have a dash out of my wrecked '81 280zx. That will be the test, for this project. It is sitting outside, as I think of where to start. It looks like I have a lot of different options. I may attempt the Dupli-Color bed liner, since my dash will be black. I am going for an all black interior in my '82 280zx slicktop.
  2. Been a long time since I posted or been on this site. But this looks quite interesting. And I may give it a go, sometime in the near future. I own 4 280zx's. And I plan to fix them all up. Thanks for the detailed pics, and information. I am currently getting my '82 slicktop running, and roadworthy. Just still have some minor things to do to it. I have a fuel dumping problem, and still need to troubleshoot. I am sure I can get it figured out.
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome. Yeah it would be easier. Except turbo Z's, and parts, are hard to find around here. For a good price. Or they are too far away. So I decided to piece together the parts I need. And make it another learning experience for me. I know it will be more costly. But getting parts here and there. It wont seem like it. Oh, and I am not really a turbo guy. I am starting to delve into it more. This will be my first turbo Z I have. After I am finished.
  4. Yeah pretty much all the way. Minus the robot mode. But it will have a Tranformers feel to it. As for my project...I am converting an n/a block to a turbo. Running with a Z31 ECU, MAF, and dizzy setup. Also a MSD ignition system. I am looking at 200-300 hp at the wheels. With 10-15 psi, and I will be satisfied.
  5. Hey I am new here. Just joined within the past 2 days. I am still trying to piece together parts for a turbo swap. I have 4 280zx's. I am converting my '82 n/a to an '81 turbo Bluestreak clone. If you want more info on that. Feel free to post here. And thanks for the welcome.
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