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  1. Sorry fellas. I am still trying to tinker with the carbs. I thought I'd post something as I don't want you to think that all your efforts to help is going to waste. I read through the page z74z90 recommended. Very helpful. I will update soon.
  2. I use a 12 mm bolt. I turn the float bowl cover upside down and place the bolt on the float bowl cover and rest the float on the top. I then adjust the metal thingy so that it barely touches the metal pin (that opens and closes to allow fuel to flow). Does that sound correct? I think I will try your method .. seems to be more accurate.
  3. so if I bring it up another 3-4mm, the float level will be a lot less than the 12mm as specified in the manual. Does that mean something else is out of sync. ? Although I might try bringing up the float a little more .. Lets see..
  4. I have to bring this thread back as I am having issues with tuning my carbs. I originally had the float of my front carb set a 16mm and rear at 12mm as it is required for 1972s. Also, set the adjusting screw at 2 1/2 turns.However, the front 3 cylinders were not working. I then adjusted the front float level to 12mm. Set the adjusting screw 2 1/2 turns and still the same problem. BUT, when I set the screw at about 4 1/2 turns, the front 3 cylinders started working. I set the air flow using the synchronizing tool. What is the problem? Is the needle out of sync.? Please help.
  5. Thanks Blake.. I appreciate it.
  6. Can an ECU from a 1975 280Z be used in 1976-78 280Zs? Are the ECUs from the 1975-78 280Zs interchangable? Thanks, Shadesh
  7. Thank You everyone. That helps plenty. ... now at least I know what I should be looking for.. this is useful information.
  8. Hi, Can someone give me some measurements here.. I want to chase the thread in the block where the head bolts go but not sure what size tap I would need. Also, what size die (is that the right term) would I need to clean up the thread for the manifold bolts? And, I found this tap and die set at harbor freight (item # ITEM 39384-2VGA). Its a carbon steel tap and die set. Anyone know if these items are durable or should I get a set elsewhere? Anything else I should be careful about while I am doing this? Any advise will be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. what about 75-76 vs 77-78 console? Are they the same...?
  10. Can a 280z console fit a 240Z? Thanks.
  11. Hey Thanks.. I just saw the videos (2 parts). It seems that the float height may be the problem. I will re measure and adjust if necessary. Does this mean that the float level is lower than it should be? or higher than it should be.. I know it needs to be level to something in the bell housing or the nozzle??
  12. no worries. I was a bit defensive there too. You have helped me quite a bit in the past with my EFI issues and has been appreciated. I have to pick up the uni-syn from motorsport... so far I was just trying to guage the flow based on what I was hearing..
  13. Chris, See the attachement.. I dont really understand why the measurements would be different for a 3 screw vs 4 screw but here it is...