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  1. SoopA

    this is beyond me.

    and i discovered my car doesnt die at 3k revs on a full tank. im assuming that this inconsistency is bad. my car does die at 3k on a quarter tank or less, but only in 5th gear.
  2. SoopA

    Save S30-0002

    we gotta get this thing rolling...
  3. SoopA

    this is beyond me.

    its expensive... not only that, but the car i have now was literally all of my money and some of somebody else's. And , getting on the track is my number 1 priority (on the bike). but it is so far! the closest track is where? Holtville? thats extra far. then there is willow in bakersfield. thats about a 6 hour trip (assuming you respect speed limits). All i have are the backroads of campo and palomar. and driving there is no exception for driving on a track. but i think smashing at autocross on the weekends might vent all my urges so im going to start as soon as the car is ready. which actually might be tomorrow! i could probably catch autocross this sunday. problem solved.
  4. SoopA

    this is beyond me.

    alright im sorry. im just frustrated about my car.
  5. check out this stuff. i know the one that race will appreciate it. its called "Faster" and its about MotoGP. Here is the sequel called "The Doctor, the Tornado, and the Kentucky Kid" Wish you could do that? Me too.
  6. SoopA

    this is beyond me.

    how about you cut that $^!# out and help me get my car faster.
  7. SoopA

    this is beyond me.

    where is the vent for the gas tube?
  8. SoopA

    this is beyond me.

    your car calls you mommy?
  9. SoopA

    this is beyond me.

    ok i changed one fuel filter and cleaned the other one. and i also cleaned and oiled my air filters. it was driving a lot better but i still cant get past 4k revs in 5th gear. in my car 4k in 5th is about 110 mph... which isnt nearly fast enough. im thinking i need to clean the carbs out
  10. SoopA

    this is beyond me.

    more info: the motor is a l28 with 2 SU carbs which im assuming are round tops, because the top isnt flat... i bought this car from a kind of creepy dude so im not sure how much stuff he f***ed up... and he did f*** it up... just yesterday i pulled off the hideous 'california wing' he had on it to find 4 massive holes in my hatch... tragedy. this is why motorcycles are infinitely better than cars.
  11. SoopA

    this is beyond me.

    its a 73 and it has an electric fuel pump
  12. SoopA

    this is beyond me.

    i know i know... i thought building a racecar would be a lot less expensive than it actually is.. so i decided to take my car and build it into something i could escape from a bank robbery in.
  13. when im hauling arse sometimes the revs will go down to 2k and i cant bring them back up until i kill the motor and let it sit for a while. does anyone know what is going on?
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