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  1. hey guys hope yall safety..
  2. uhmm did u try black dragon auto>?
  3. wow the rust doesnt look too too bad.. but for the price is kinda steepi would go witht eh 5000 dollar rule... then minus what these parts will cost to fix, change, paint.. etc.. from there u can estimate how much the total project will be worth.. at times u will go over but making a budget and planning wil give you a good idea on how much this investment will be.. from there u can estimate how much u are willing to spend on car itself
  4. ohh wow what style? r33-34?
  5. hey how much is urs? ger i so would if i could get it shipped here
  6. aloha guys!

    im a proud owner of a 260z and wants to get this baby on the road

  7. Sorry for the late reply so sorry been trying to finish up my classes to get into a program to grad soon.. but thanks so much much appreciation Mr. Mikey:)
  8. haha so true.. im hoping to grad by this summer... btw how much were u thinking of dumping in?
  9. haha thanks dave! this helps a lot i will do some research b4 talking to him..
  10. hey thanks guys! @Travel'n Man- yah its though tho.. i had this car since i was a jr in high school and has been sitting for about two years now.. i kind of just want to get her to run a little @74260ZMan- thanks this site helped a lot.. btw where ru guys from? do u know any one from hawaii??
  11. hey thanks for the web site but awww i so wish i had the fundings for some round tops.. college takes a toll
  12. hey guys i was wondering if any of yall know a good site to learn how to tune flat tops from a 260z. thanks guys much mahalos!
  13. Hey guys looking to buy an rb to throw into my z, just wondering what is involved in throwing this bad boy into my beast. Some questions I’m most concerned about is does anyone has intergraded the stoke harness with the rb’s wiring harness? Does anyone make custom motor mounts for this swap, and does anyone make transmission cross members for this swap. thanks guys!
  14. hey thanks man! much appreciated
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