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  1. thanks for the info,were is the t5 connector located?is it possible to send pics, thanks for anything,
  2. help anyone,i was driving and i turned on the lights and it lasted 10sec and it blew a fuse, i removed all front and lights(there is no side marker lights hook-up) and disconnected the rear tail lights and it blows the fuse, i inspected underneath the dash and did not find anything unusal, the signal and the hazard is working. :stupid: anyone have any clues,thanks
  3. any one have any cloose as to why my park light fuse blows out immediately upon turing on the light switch on. the front lights our not hook-up period. the rear blinkers our hook up and the signals work. the hazard works but if i turn on the headlights on the first setting it blows out. there is also no rear side mark er lights too.:mad: thanks anyone
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