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  1. boggie36

    a few ???

    ok guys , i replaced the nozzels and needles in my carbs. i all so replaced the fuel pump. still smoking at the tail pipe. it actually made no differents.other then to my wallet.i noticed that the fuel mixture is much richer well more turns down now with the new nozzels and needles then my old one's and i made no other adjustments. maybe i had .100 nozzels instead of 0.90 . or have i got one hell of a vacuum leak . i removed the hose from the pcv valve and i got no blowby should there not be some gas emissions coming out of the block vent tube that goes to the pcv valve? also should here be vacuum at the valve cover vent tube when the car is running ? any about ever had stop up oil passages in the head ? when i bought this car the oil smelled liked gas. but my float blow levels are not high. and the car runs very smooth . this is a f54 p79 head . :stupid: thanks for your help.
  2. Today when I tried her again she would start and run for just a few seconds, then dead again...??? i ran in to a similer problem. it was a worn iginition switch. the key would turn just enuff to turn the car off after it was running .try holding the key after it starts.
  3. sorry about the different names i don't know the correct term for all the zcar parts .
  4. thanks bean dip . i did raise the level on floats because the fuel was not over the jets and below the bridge when the jet/nozzels are pulled all the way down in the choke position. from what i understand this must be, after turning the car over coil disconected. i had it at that level . i started the car and it still smoked fuel from the tail pipe . so i pulled the suction cambers off removed the pistons, screwed the fuel mixture all the way back to lean and pulled the jets/nozzels all the way down to the choke position and the gas was again not over the jets and below the bridge.which make's me thing the gas is at a richer mixture on the neddle from the moment i start the car .then it should be . and get's worse as it revs up. i know the fuel pump didn't keep the gas at the postion i set the float to .i didn't alter the jets /nozzels which ever you prefer to call . or the neddles i simple droped the neddles as far down in the nozzels as i could for a leaner mixture at idel. it seems to me when you ckoke the car you are moving the fuel down on the needle to dump more gas for a faster start.
  5. thanks sleepy zzz im from the sherwood area. i will probably go with the videos. thats what most are tell me ..and i like to fix things myself no mater how big the pain in for me ....
  6. thanks for the refresher e racer you are correct.
  7. the motor is a f54 and i want to say p92 head /n36 intake with 4bolt 69-70 roundtops. im thinking i will but a vacuum gage on this thing .maybe it's pulling to much vacuum . it's sure got plenty of gas:disappoin
  8. thanks everyone for the replys . this is my frist 280z . im a painter/badyman by trade for the past 20yrs. and i have only redone one of these cars. i don't know the frist thing about the motors in them . just what's in mine. as far as a carb adjustment .im sure of that but i have done everything under the sun that i have read to do to them . and it seem to me everyone has a different way to do them . like adjusting the air fuel mixture before setting the choke flaps /butterflys. i truely would thing that the chokeflaps? butterflys would need to be in time with each other frist . how about adjusting the float. lets stick a bar under the flaot no lets mark the float blow 23mm down . there are so many different awnser. all i would like to know for now is should the fuel in the jets stay above the jets and below the bridge at all times after being pulled all the way down. wot or ideal. it seem to me that it should . thats what the needle is for to allow the fuel in and out by the engine speed . it sounds werid that a low amount of fuel in the jets could cause a rich mixture but the fuel is lower on the needle.so i wonder if i have a bad fuel pump weak so to speak. i geuss i would know for sure if i got the car out on the street because it would run out of gas but thats not possible right now . then again maybe my way of thing is just:stupid::stupid:. maybe its not even the carbs. but i did change the plug wire's and plugs frist. and the car seems to run great other then the fact it will drink a gallon of gas in 5 mins and blow gas smoke out the tail pipe like its on fire. with 0.90 jets and n27 neddles. its also got 170pounds compression all cyc. umm i don't know . im going to try a new fuel pump . then i geuss i will go with the high dollar jet/needle replacement. but i don't really see anything wrong with them and i indexed the needles but i have been told i am blind in one and can't see out the other one. a mechanic would save one big pain in the for me . maybe my mechanic skills just really suck. this car makes me happy im a painter if nothing easle.
  9. no im a newbie my name is mark
  10. hello everyone , I just bought a 1975 280z from a man on its way to the crusher. jeuses loves me . i got it runing but the fuel mixture is very very rich. my ? is should the fuel in the jets stay at above the jet when pulled down and below the bridge. after the car has been runing and turned off.this car has a n54 with round top su's with 0.90 jets and n27 neddles . but the fuel from the tailpipe would choke a horse and make you turn on our winsheild wipers. i set the fuel bowl so that the fuel is above the jet and below the bridge when cranked over . but after the car is runing the fuel is no where over the jets when pulled down . do i have a bad fuel pump? any help ? or ideal?
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