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  1. Wire harness still available?  Do you happened to have the dash harness as well?  Thanks.

  2. DMC-Z

    Is this a new find?

    Kats, My 6/70 240Z has the stitching on the front of the driver's side seat. Nothing on the passenger side. Interesting find.
  3. Steve - If you want to copy the YouTube video so you can burn it to disk, download Tooble ( The software works on PC and Mac platforms and is pretty user friendly. I started using it a couple weeks ago, no spam so far and it works great. Good luck. Ron - Awesome BRE replica. Thoroughly enjoyed the Road & Track video and will look forward to the upcoming issue.
  4. psdenno - With the new weatherstripping it's tight all the way around. I had to adjust the striker so it closed and I suspect it will take some breaking in to close a little easier. Thanks for the idea. Darrel - It's short, just about even with the bumper. It's on the to-do list for this winter. John Over suggested Exhaust Pros in Commerce City, do you have any good exhaust recommendations?
  5. I've read all the posts, searched all forums and have a pretty straight forward question on a potential entry point for exhaust fumes. Here's the scoop: The car in question is a Series 1, 1970 240Z with the vented decklid. This weekend I installed new tail light gaskets, replaced all the grommets for the fuel expansion tank, spare tire well and floor, sealed the nefarious antenna drain hole, replaced the deck lid gaskets. I even sealed the license plate light assembly just in case. After all that, I'm still getting a whiff of fumes in the car. Not as bad as before, but I still smell like fumes after driving. I've attached a photo of the underside of the deck lid. In the upper left hand corner you will see a small hole in the sheet metal that I don't think is covered by the interior moldings. Could this be the source of the remaining fumes? Has anyone filled this hole up to prevent fumes? And if so, what did you use and did it work? I've considered 3M Strip Caulk (dum dum) but wasn't able to find any locally over the weekend. Thoughts? Insights?
  6. Steve, #1032 is for sale on CraigsList again, this time for sale in Longmont. I went and looked at it when it was for sale in Littleton and the floor plans were in pretty bad shape. It sold for about $1000-$1200 and after some engine work the new seller is asking $3K. Dash was cracked, but interior was all there and in pretty good shape.
  7. Karl Witchie at Karl's Classic Restorations - 303-425-0814 - Located in Arvada, CO. Karl's a great guy, does awesome work at a fair price. He's worked on my 70 and has restored 2 Zs for Lone Tree Steve. Good luck.
  8. WOW! Looks awesome. Is that the shack-daddy $630 + Core treatment listed on the price list? It looks amazing!
  9. Thank you all for the responses and suggestions, I really appreciate everyone's insightful comments. After numerous phone calls and e-mails, lady luck fell upon me and I located a new vent hose for my '72 on the East coast. Special thanks to Charlie Osborne who suggested I contact Tidewater Z in Virginia who had a single hose on their shelves. One step closer to a vapor-less Z! Cheers. Don
  10. Scarab155 - thanks for the tip, but that's the wrong vent hose. The hoses posted on ebay are still available from Nissan. The one I need runs between the filler tube and the vapor tank. Esprist - same thing, wrong vent hose. I need 17238-E4602, not 17236-E4601 According to both Nissan USA and Nissan Canada they aren't even available in Japan. I'm hoping to find someone who has a brand new one stashed in their basement.
  11. Thanks for the responses, I suspect I'll have to go the route of the generic fuel hose. Can anyone tell me the inner diameter of the hose? My car is not on site so I can just pull the old hose off and head to an auto parts store. Thanks in advance.
  12. I'm on the prowl to find vent hose 17238-E4602, the large diameter horseshoe shaped hose, less than 2 feet long which runs from expansion tank to fitting on filler neck. I've called Nissan (US and Canada), Motorsport Auto, Black Dragon and the rest of the top Z retailers in the country without any luck. Does any one have any suggestions where I might be able to find this part? Or does anyone have a new hose laying around their stash of parts they would be willing to part with? Any insight or recommendations are appreciated. Don
  13. I may have found the answer on, although any additional input is still appreciated. According to this post ( the engine harness with part number 2402-E4602 supercedes the 24012-E4601. The harness I have is apparently from a 71 car, but should work with the dash harness detailed in the post above. Since I'm not familiar with the poster, part of me questions the credibility of the posted response. I briefly checked to see if the two harnesses will connect and the main connections seem too. I can't get at the harness in my car right now, so I'll need to do some additional research when time permits. Thanks
  14. Arne, As always, thanks for the quality information, your previous post proved very helpful, although with one solution comes another challenge. Since I had the spare dash and engine harnesses out, I checked my replacement engine harness to make sure everything was going to work as planned. The part number tag is still on the engine harness and reads 24012 E4602. Based on the your early post from your swap, I anticipated the tag to read 24012-E4601. Any idea what the difference between these two parts numbers are? Will this pose any problems when connecting the two?