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    Have owned 240K coupe. Only mods were to rear wheel arches- radiused and pumped out to cover wider wheels.
  1. Mr Camouflage, No headlining but I have that trim. $5 each if you are interested. regards Nick
  2. I originally had the car in WA and took it Tasmania in 1993. When it was time to return I shortsightedly thought I would be able to pick up a reasonable sound body and put all the "good" bits off mine onto it when I returned to WA. The other reason was purely practical and that was I could only drive one car back and couldn't afford to ship the other:cry: . Regards Nick
  3. Thanks for the interest. I'll get back to you shortly regarding the weather strips. Do you need the chrome strips that go around the rear passenger window as well? Nick
  4. Sorry, no. That has already been taken. Nick
  5. Doesn't look like I'll find another Coupe so I'm selling some parts off from a 1973 Coupe. Parts include Doors-minimal rust (2L & 2R), bonnet and boot, door trims, set of struts, Pedders front and rear sway bars with new urethane bushes, switches, boss for SAAS steering wheel, aftermarket rear springs <1yr use, engines, reground cam 65/25 not used since regrind, intake manifold for twin SU carburettors, 2.5 inch exhaust system connected to original exhaust manifold, rear window, lights and other sundry equipment etc. Phone 95924332 and ask for Nick or leave a message or email nshard@hot
  6. Sadly I don't own a Datsun Z. I was the proud owner of a 240K though and if it were possible would own another. Just a bit hard to locate nowadays and getting more difficult. I live in Western Australia and my other interests are sailing and windsurfing. If anyone knows of any 240K that need a home please get in touch. Nick
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