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  1. Here is the first test of the year,, had issues and only ran on 7 cylinders.. The car ran 6.97 @210 mph in Vegas back in November. Should be 6.70s when I get a few things sorted out.
  2. Did some racing in Vegas in November,, best of the weekend was 7.26@198mph
  3. She got a little faster over the winter,, check it out..
  4. thanks guys,, here is my best 1/8 mile pass.. http://www.youtube.com/user/realfastbug#p/u/3/XCWirn3Tz48
  5. check it out...http://www.youtube.com/user/schwiplarkin1#p/u/3/5oba6LommHY
  6. Well i got Her running alittle better this year,, the best so far is a 8.78 ,,, check it out...http://www.youtube.com/user/schwiplarkin1#p/u/3/5oba6LommHY
  7. That's 1/4 mile,,, I melted a piston,, but I'm doin more work to her over the winter,, should be in the 8s pretty easy,,,,,, thanks
  8. sorry i forgot to update you guys but you might find this interesting,,,
  9. sorry i havent posted here in a long time , but to answer 240kconvertible i have done two different projects and about to start my third. first i put a l28t motor in the skyline, the block cracked so i the did the v8 conversion with a four speed muncie tranny. it all turned out pretty good after a ton of work , i had to cut out 3 inches if the fire wall, use a front mount engine plate and made some mounting brackets off of the frame rails. i decided to use the stock rear end due to money and replace it when it breaks. ... well,, the first time to the track i blew it up right at the line. so now im starting the backhalf project. im putting a ford 9 inch with a four link setup. does anyone here know the gear ratio on the stock rear end? i will try to post some pics in the near future.
  10. it would take some fabricating, but there is plenty of room.
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