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  1. Thanks Dave, I`ll check my wiring....
  2. installed new Pertronex ignitor and coil in 1971 240 works great but, tach drops off at 4000 rpm when engine revs higher. Jumps up to 4000 rpm when revs drop below 4000. do I need another resistor and where do I get it?
  3. I checked the thread and thanks for the direction, but I have a standard trans. so the dual point dist. is not stock. I only have one wire running to the dist. so if I find a single point dist it should work? I am leaning towards the protronix but I checked and dual point dist. is not available. thanks
  4. Could anyone tell me if I can switch a dual point dist. for a single point dist. and if I did how much work would be involved. Thanks Rob
  5. Thanks Arne, at least I have an idea of what I`m looking for. Rob
  6. Sorry I know better than that its a 1970 240z
  7. Just started working on my 240z and can`t figure out how my jack and tool bag fit in behind the seats. I need some pictures or a site to go to that show how they are mounted and what covers there are the car came with no jack, tools or spare. Please anything that will help... Rob