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  1. So tonight was a big car show for all Classic cars. It is held in my hometown of Redding Ca. Most of the cars are big muscle beefy mustyangs, cameros, corvettes etc. But I got to drive me sweet little 240Z car around and I was proud. Got lot of compliments on it too. One guy thought I had a V8 in mine LOL. There was only 1 other Z in the whole car show. Gotta love the Z cars!!

  2. So I am finally getting around to puttin my 240z back together after paint and I am installing the windows. I have a problem though I dont know/remeber where the little roller goes. I am talking about the small piece that has a roller on it. It seems like it hangs somwhere in the door but I dont remember where? Any pictures or comments where it goes or if I have to mount it will be very useful.


  3. All I got to say is you pay for what u get. I spent 6000 on a body work and paint and absolutly love it. It was a PPG paint job. They did all the jams and even the inside of the fenders. Quality workmanship. Took a couple of months too. I would never take a Z to maaco. My advice is fork up the money and do it. You wont regret it.

  4. I bought A fiberglass airdam from Motorsport and the Body Shop that did the paint/body on my 71 240 said it needed some serious prep to get it so the paint wont crack. They said 8 hours of their time to get it perfect because of the little cracks in the gell coat of the fiberglass. I understood what they were saying, but 8 hours seemed ridiculous to me. I took it to a fiberglass specialist and they did it in three hours. If you want it perfect I suggest you find someone who can do it well. Mine turned out perfect but cost me a lot. You can look at my pictures to see it.


  5. Anyone have any experience with this weatherstrip kit? Im going to replace all the rubber on my car now that it is done being painted. I was planning on going with MSA weatherstrip kit...which one should I go with? Its for my 1971 240z. Anyone have any comments.........


  6. I bought the air dam the day the car went into the shop which was about a month and a half or so ago. Then it saw in there body shop for about a month or so... They are all little black cracks that are in just the gel coat. They said to make it perfect it would take about 8 hours to fix..which I believe is hard to believe. They Body Shop is really good they have been doing a good job on the whole Z and it was nice for them to point it out. I am going to take it to a fiberglass specialist tomorrow. Hopefully he will have some good news for me? :/

  7. So my 71 240z has been in the body shop now for about a month and a half and the Z is looking good! Its ready for paint! I got a call from the body shop saying for me to come down and look at the fiberglass airdam that I purchased from MSA. (type 2) . I go and they show me these little cracks all over the thing. Its small cracks in the gel coat. They said it would probably show up in the paint!! And if I want it to be perfect they need to spend about 8 hours on it!!! Whats the deal should it take that long to prep a fiberglass airdam?! I was told all you have t do is sand it down to the fiberglass and then throw a couple coats of primer on it? HELP!!? Im not going to pay another $500 to get the damn thing prepped. Other than that the Z is looking good and there doing a good job on the restore of the body.

  8. So I found a LSD 3.54 gear ratio differential. If I swap this into my 71 240z that has the stock differential which i believe the gear ratio to be 3.36 what kind of difference will I see. Is this a better upgrade? Any performance difference? Also I am running a 5 spd tranny and l24 modified.


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