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  1. How does one remove a thread question once he has gotten the answer?
  2. Thank you all very much for the reply. I put my 260 heat shield on as it was in like new condition whereas the one I got with the 240 carbs was poor. After posting my question I saw that the 240 shield does have 2 hooks on it. Unfortunately I already have the 260 shield and 240 carbs installed. I could pull off but it does not appear the 240 shield will fit as the inverted u-shaped slot for the pipe that the flexible pipe that goes to the air cleaner is further back which would make the shield hit the pipe. Does anyone know if this will be the case? I would hate to do the removal to no avail. BEEZEE, your spring dimensions do not add up. Individual dimensions add up to 5 1/2" not 5". Please provide exact. What is the spring diameter? Did you use the 260 heat shield? If so what do you have the springs connected to? Also while I am writing this, I will mention that I am looking for some butterscotch upholstery to do some patching. A mouse got into my car and chewed a whole in the driver's side rear wheel cover. I could also use some to patch a seat tear. Much appreciation to all of you. Larry
  3. I am in the process of putting 240 3-screw carbs on my 74 260. Put new gaskets in, made all adjustments, etc. Put the carbs on the car but I do not know where to attach the return springs. I have two springs that came with the carbs. They are about 8 7/8" long with about 2 1/8" of that being the spring. The rest is straight wire with a 1/4" hook on one end and 3/8" on the other. Please help ASAP. TY Larry
  4. Nothing to help you but as you knew it would be: a very good attention getter. I will have to keep in mind for future use.
  5. Where can I find some gross jets?
  6. I am new to "threads". I am not sure which of two or both responses I am replying to. I will assume it is both and address both separately herein. Arnie, I am planning to use the 260 manifold for not wanting to remove it having done that before to replace the gasket. I have the 3-screw. There are so many metal polishes on the market of dozens of formulations. I thought some might work much better than most. I have gotten the carb domes to look about like yours. My float tops still need some more work. Did you replate the brass or your throttle opener, etc. or is that original? Darn nice looking engine! Are your braided hoses original? If not where did you get? Bryan, I have insulators on my flattops and my 240 carbs that are about 1/2" thick like Arnie's. I was told about a year ago when I was considering switching carbs that I would need new, not as thick, but was not told why. I saw pictures of the insulators that person had. They were about 1/4". I have wondered if thinner are not required because of the thickness of the 240 to 260 air filter adapters reducing the clearance between the filter and the inner fender so one can does not have the room to maneuver the filter into place. Larry
  7. I have a 74 260Z that I recently bought 240 carbs for, to replace the original and poor performing flat-tops. My engine and compartment are quite clean. Anyone know a way or product to remove the oxidation from the carbs and give a nice polished look to the ones I will be installing? I believe I will need thinner insulators. Is that correct and if so why? The filter housing I got with the 240 carbs is in poor appearance condition while my original flat-top filter box is in very good condition. I would therefor like to use that filter box. I know I would need adapter plates. Would using adapters and the other filter box (with different shaped air horns) not have a negative affect on airflow?
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