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    - Shaved emblems except for quarter panel emblems

    - 1970 style quarter panel emblems were adapted to the 71 body

    - Exterior door locks, antenna, and gas door knob shaved

    - Remote door locks installed

    - Bumpers have been smoothed and painted to match body (rear is fiberglass)

    - Stock front lower valance replaced with vintage aftermarket valance (which my father purchased shortly after buying the car)

    - 16� Konig Monsoon wheels adapted to hubs with Hankook performance tires

    - Body painted 2004 Honda Monte Carlo Blue

    - Stock headlights replaced with Tri Bar Haloge

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  1. Here are some pics of my Z on their website. I am the third car on the first page and the third and fourth on page 8. http://photosbyjim.smugmug.com/gallery/2744207#145815470
  2. I know that the 240z is not a drag car, but I had a good time trying to see how it would do. Here is my best run of the day. It was my last of 8 passes. I launched at about 5,500rpm and finished in third gear. Reaction: 0.188 60 Foot: 2.236 330 Foot: 6.436 1/8 MPH: 70.56 1/8 Mile: 9.886 1000 Foot: 12.905 1/4 MPH: 88.64 1/4 Mile: 15.464 This is the first time at the track with the Z. It was at Lebanon Dragway in New York. 75 degrees
  3. I would take 24hp more any day!
  4. No, we dont have kids yet. I was actually mad at her for telling me i could spend that much. she gave me a budget of $500 for christmas and her birthday.
  5. I finaly got around to using the $1000 my wife gave me for christmas. She didnt know what to get me so she just gave me money. here is what i got so far: S.U. Air horns Front Air dam(mine is craked) CF rear spoiler BRE style Center console Oil filter cover New Choke cable I cant wait untill they arive(sp?) I love my wife
  6. What makes working there even better, is I live right off Rt. 110 and Rt. 113. It should take me 5 min. to drive down the road.
  7. Thanks again for all the support. I have a Bachelors in Computer Science. This will be something outside my career. I will be working in the blade shop. I am not 100% sure what I will be doing, but the money is great, and once im in then you have a better chance of moving around. As far as being able to use the tools to make things, im not sure how that will work. They do lots of work for the military, so security it tight. I start on the 26th so we will see then.
  8. I just wanted to let everyone know how happy I am. I recently left my job as a retail manager, where I had to work weekends. I have been in retail or reastaurants since I first started working and have never had weekends off. I will be starting later this month at Sikorsky Aircraft. It will be third shift, but I will get all holidays off plus every weekend. I will finaly have time to go to the track, car shows, and do whatever I want. This is going to be a great year.
  9. Just to make sure, are all Z's allowed. I live only an hour away and would love to go.
  10. It didnt show RPM on the sheet, but it was right at 7,000 RPM where it had them stop the run.
  11. Thanks for getting to it before I did Carl. Also not the the car has 183,000 Miles. I was disapointed at first, but then I did my research, and now I am very happy with the numbers that it it put down. BTW I had them run it to 7,000RPM. First run in 4th gear 131hp, second run in 3rd 134hp. Unfortunatly it was just a HP shoot out so no torque numbers. I almost won in the 6 cylinder class. There was only me untill right before the end when a 2004 Maxima entered and then it was all over. Can anyone estimase that kind of torque shw has based off other runs.
  12. Just a video of my 1971 240Z. It is not the best video, but it only took me 30min. with MovieMaker. http://videos.streetfire.net/video/cac9e9d4-96e0-4b5c-91fa-98bd0137d895.htm
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